Dragon’s Maze Visual Spoiler (Complete)

Boros Mastiff Haazda Snare Squad

Lyev Decree Maze Sentinel

Renounce the Guilds Riot Control

Scion of Vitu-Ghazi Steeple Roc

Sunspire Gatekeepers Wake the Reflections

Ætherling Hidden Strings

Maze Glider Mindstatic

Murmuring Phantasm Opal Lake Gatekeepers

Runner's Bane Trait Doctoring

Uncovered Clues Wind Drake

Bane Alley Blackguard Blood Scrivener

Crypt Incursion Fatal Fumes

Hired Torturer Maze Abomination

Pontiff of Blight Rakdos Drake

Sinister Possession Ubul Sar Gatekeepers

Awe for the Guilds Clear a Path

Maze Rusher Possibility Storm

Punish the Enemy Pyrewild Shaman

Riot Piker Rubblebelt Maaka

Smelt-Ward Gatekeepers Weapon Surge

Battering Krasis Kraul Warrior

Maze Behemoth Mending Touch

Mutant's Prey Phytoburst

Renegade Krasis Saruli Gatekeepers

Skylasher Thrashing Mossdog

Advent of the Wurm Armored Wolf-Rider

Ascended Lawmage Beetleform Mage

Blast of Genius Blaze Commando

Blood Baron of Vizkopa Boros Battleshaper

Bred for the Hunt Bronzebeak Moa

Carnage Gladiator Council of the Absolute

Deadbridge Chant Debt to the Deathless

Deputy of Acquittals Dragonshift

Drown in Filth Emmara Tandris

Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch Feral Animist

Fluxcharger Gaze of Granite

Gleam of Battle Goblin Test Pilot

Gruul War Chant Haunter of Nightveil

Jelenn Sphinx Korozda Gorgon

Krasis Incubation Lavinia of the Tenth

Legion's Initiative Master of Cruelties

Maw of the Obzedat Melek, Izzet Paragon

Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker Morgue Burst

Nivix Cyclops Notion Thief

Obzedat's Aid Pilfered Plans

Plasm Capture Progenitor Mimic

Putrefy Ral Zarek

Reap Intellect Render Silent

Restore the Peace Rot Farm Skeleton

Ruric Thar, the Unbowed Savageborn Hydra

Scab-Clan Giant Showstopper

Sin Collector Sire of Insanity

Species Gorger Spike Jester

Tajic, Blade of the Legion Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts

Tithe Drinker Trostani's Summoner

Unflinching Courage Varolz, the Scar-Striped

Viashino Firstblade Voice of Resurgence

Vorel of the Hull Clade Warleader's Helix

Warped Physique Woodlot Crawler

Zhur-Taa Ancient Zhur-Taa Druid

Alive/Well Armed/Dangerous

Beck/Call Breaking/Entering

Catch/Release Down/Dirty

Far/Away Flesh/Blood

Give/Take Profit/Loss

Protect/Serve Ready/Willing

Toil/Trouble Turn/Burn

Wear/Tear Azorius Cluestone

Boros Cluestone Dimir Cluestone

Golgari Cluestone Gruul Cluestone

Izzet Cluestone Orzhov Cluestone

Rakdos Cluestone Selesnya Cluestone

Simic Cluestone Azorius Guildgate

Boros Guildgate Dimir Guildgate

Golgari Guildgate Gruul Guildgate

Izzet Guildgate Maze's End

Orzhov Guildgate Rakdos Guildgate

Selesnya Guildgate Simic Guildgate

  1. Great start to the spoiler! Love seeing them early on my Monday morning as I head back to work. Small request – anyway we can get the fuse cards turns sideways. I know that messes up the alignment and such but now I got such a crick in my neck. Thanks again for getting these up so fast!

  2. It seems like it is. The fact that the trigger is optional goes a long way, IMO.

  3. Maze’s End: I was really hoping that the text would somehow change once it was spoiled. Mark Rosewater said when they made mythics that they would never print a mythic land. Now they have and it is one of the clunkiest, dullest alternate win conditions in the game.

    I like the concept of Fuse, though so far the execution is lacking. Beck//Call might be the best so far, but I can’t imagine too many people being excited to open it as their rare. Wear//Tear should not be uncommon, it will wheel regularly. Toil//Trouble could see its way into a Rakdos deck, but I’d rather have an explosive impact every day of the week. I guess it is another hilarious answer to Enter the Infinite.

  4. If you play Beck and Call while the opponent has Ruric Thar out, do you take 12 or 6?
    Lol anyhow I love the return of the double cards! It offers so much versatility, which is highly under-rated in drafting. Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Thanks, PlanetWalls! Nice to have a webmaster who reads the comments. Most of the other websites had the cards in up and down format, but I didn’t bother making any comments on those sites, because I will be checking back here daily!

  6. Re: Wear/Tear being uncommon – we’ll have to see, but I doubt they’re going to make common split cards this time around. I think Toil/Trouble is likely to break down 90% Toil, 5% Trouble for the last 2-3 points of damage, 4% Toil myself, Trouble you because I’m mana flooded anyway, 1% Toil/Trouble for the win on you. It would be tons better if it were an instant (and could, for example, be cast right after a Revelation resolved).

  7. I really don’t see how toil//trouble is going “maybe playable in rakdos” – it’s actualy highly playable because “toil” is essentialy “sign in blood”, which is known to be a very good card. Any deck with black mana would want to play it. It’s such an amazing topdeck if you reach the later stages in a game.

    “Master of Cruelties” is… well… cruel. don’t want to imagine how it feel to play against it.

  8. Master of Cruelties will need some help to get there, but it definitely will make cards like Way of the Thief and Glaring Spotlight in Gatecrash and Rogue’s Passage and Teleportal in RTR much more valuable to go with this demon!

    Sin Collector is a bit meh – should have had extort on him, and then he would be much more playable in Orzhov – for now he will be your last creature in and probably just sideboard material.

    Advent of the Wurm is just bonkers! Selesyna was already one of the most powerful mid-to-late game guilds, and now this just turbo-speeds it up! Great removal on Turn 4, and then let the populate beatdowns begin!

    Vorel looks like to be fun in Simic – again, just so slow to get things really going. Plus when you are drafting, you are going to have to cut Simic hard as you pass cards from Dragon’s Maze so that you can get all the good Simic cards handed back to you in Gatecrash.

    The last card made me realize that if you get a bomb in any one of the Gatecrash guilds, you are going to have to draft that guild aggressively in Dragon’s Maze in order to get cards from the second pack in Gatecrash, whereas if you are looking for amazing pickups in the RTR pack, you really have to get good at reading the signals coming in the first pack. Fun time drafting!

  9. Bad4thegame-You do realize this isn’t the first mythic land right? Eye of Ugin was the first and that was back in Eldrazi.

    Anyways, these cards look pretty cool. Wish drafts were 3 packs of Dragons Maze. Not looking forward to having to draft Return to Ravnica again though. That set was pretty bad.

  10. Do remember that the environment will be very different this time and while the “return to ravnica” boosters will contain the same cards, drafting them would be a new experience.

  11. The Gatekeepers cycle looks cool – white, black, and red seem the most powerful. You are going to be playing gates and creatures anyway, so these will be easy pickups. The 1 card for blue seems a bit meh and the 7 life for green is always whatever – at least they made it for a decent amount instead of just 2 or 3.

    The Rakdos and Orzhov champions both seem neat – nothing I got overly excited about – both seem to be costed about right, so nothing OP.

    UW control decks now have another counterspell in their toolkit – one that blanks the whole rest of your turn if they use it first – sigh!

  12. Armed//Dangerous (uncommon) 1R//3G
    Target creature gets +1/+1 and doublestrike until end of turn.
    All creatures able to block target creature do so this turn.

  13. Bringin’ in the foreign flavor! Sweet! Excellent Gruul/Boros/Simic card – definitely playable!

  14. Showstopper – BR1
    Until end of turn, creatures you control gain “When this creature dies, it deals 2 damage to target creature an opponent controls.”

  15. Some questions. What happens when — presuming I have Varolz out — I scavenge my Spinal Parasite onto a creature. Does it give it a -1/-1 counter? Does it remove a +1/+1 counter only if there’s already one on it?

    If I have Zhur-Taa Ancient out and tap a Mishra’s Workshop, can I only cast artifact spells with the extra mana? Analogous matters: Tapping Boseiju, who Shelters All. Tapping Eldrazi Temple for the second mana ability? I can’t wait for these bugs!

    If I cascade with Shardless Agent or Bloodbraid Elf into Breaking (of Breaking//Entering), I can cast either of the sides of that card for free but not both. Kinda sexy to Enter your opponent with a Bloodbraid Elf.

    If I have 1 Island in play, 1 Blood Scrivener in play, and I cast the last card from my hand, which is a Last Stand, do I draw two cards and discard two cards as part of its resolution, or do I draw two cards and discard one card?

  16. To the first question: adding a -1/-1 isn’t part of the scavenge description, so that can’t be it. Also, since the text for scavenge says “adds +1/+1 counters equal to the creature’s power,” that would mean adding -1 counters, but I don’t think that necessarily means removing already existing ones. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this treated the same way as negative life gain/loss? That is, isn’t it just treated as zero instead?

  17. To the last question (Last Stand), based on what the card says, “For each Island you control, draw that many cards, then discard that many cards,” it seems the amount is set on resolution. Say you have 3 Islands – that means it’s set at 3, so you draw 3 (the trigger from Blood Scrivener then goes on the stack), and then you discard 3. You then draw 2 from Scrivener and lose 1 life once the trigger resolves.

  18. Showstopper – “to each creature?” – agh! At first I thought this would be the perfect answer to the wraths – but it needs to say “creature or player” – oh well – a swing and a miss Wizards!

  19. Frizell66, it’s “To target creature”, not “To each creature”.

    Clearly a limited card, and a very interesting one, at that.

  20. “To target creature” right I meant that. Still would like it to say “to target creature or player” that would make it playable. I guess it does give Rakdos players a combat trick that they usually don’t have, but only when they have creatures dying anyway – will always put bloodrush creatures in over this spell!

  21. Obzedat’s Aid – WB3
    Return target permanent card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

    Rot Farm Skeleton GB2
    Creature – Plant Skeleton
    Rot Farm Skeleton can’t block.
    GB2, Put the top four cards of your library into your graveyard: Return Rot Farm Skeleton from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.

  22. Finally Golgari and Simic getting some loving! Varolz finally makes Scavenge better to play (and cheaper most times). But Bred for the Hunt is just BOMB for Simic. Finally some faster card draw to keep the creature train rolling!

  23. i like the new cards comming out. Ral Zerek has a lot potential RUG with Domri Rade, biovisionary. SUPERFRIENDS Ral Zerek cant wait to play.

  24. Flesh // Blood – Rare


    Flesh 3BG
    Exile target creature card from a graveyard. Put X +1/+1 counters on target creature, where X is equal to the power of that creature card.


    Blood RG
    Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to target creature or player.

  25. master of cruelties is going to be great in limited as a defensive wall and threat(without addtional support). First Strike + Deathtouch doesnt get printed very often if at all, I cannot remember the last creature they printed with this combo.

    Also so far the best removal in the format still seems to be grisly spectacle.
    You only get one pack of each so that means Less trostanis judgements and exposive impacts and even spectacle’s you know…. effiecient/soemwhat efficient removal.

    Anyone think this format will be fast ?

    I feel like the format will be slower than gtc and rtr, but occasionally an oppenent will have the nut deck thats in its own league.

    I wonder if control will play kraken hatchling to avoid the new hate bear lols

  26. Dragon’s Maze with its emphasis on bombs and gates will definitely slow the game down. Plus you have less chances to pick up efficient removal straight up removal, so creatures should stick more often. Combat tricks will remain a premium in this format and probably end up being your most likely removal – combat math will be tricky with all three sets adding so many cards to keep considering.

    I see Dimir finally gets some lovin’ with a sweet fuse card – 5 is not unreasonable to bounce the worst creature and then kill a better creature. Even better that it can happen during combat if things go awry with other combat tricks.

    I see Izzet gets a goof card. Maybe someone else can see the combos in the set that aren’t immediately apparent, but how is that Goblin playable at all – he can even shoot himself down if his luck is really bad! I would love to see a big spin counter or arrows flickering on the screen in MTGO if you activate his ability. Instead there will just be a flash, and he’s gone! Oh well!

  27. @Frizzell66 – As long as you’re only splashing blue for the Test Pilot, throw a Guildscorn Ward on him and the rest of your creatures are Reckoners he could be playable on a three card combo? Well, if you’re drafting block.

    Seems like they are trying to slow the block down a fair bit, though. I look forward to it. I can start looking a little farther outside my Boros 2-drops shell in Gatecrash.

    I’ll be interested to see how the fuse cards affect drafting signals as well. Grabbing a two guild fuse card for one half or getting pulled into three colors by one sounds interesting.

  28. Frizeel, I find it a bit funny that you are already judging delicate thing like avilability of removal in a set where something like 7 commons in total were revealed. What do you even mean when you say Gatecrush has an emphasis on bombs? we only got to see the mythics and flashy rares so far, and OBVIOUSLY most of them are bombs… but Iv’e noticed quit a decent number of solid answers/removals already and there’s more to come.

    Reserve your judgment for after a more significant portion of the set is revealed and then your thought will be more valid.

  29. Far//Away is so cool. It’s so simple, but for some reason it makes me even more excited for Dragon’s Maze than all the crazy rares do.

  30. Anyone else notice they seem to be slow rolling us on Boros? Is that because they want us -think- the Boros are bad or because the Boros -are- bad?

  31. Boros’ champion is sweet. Nice that he comes with his own indestrucibility. Sweet boost he gets with battalion. Even better he can become defense if needed at the 4-slot (although if Boros needs some defense, things are going badly).

  32. Nice to see another playable mythic creature in the Hydra! Draft is going to be fun in this format. And yes to the person who stated I was remarking on the bombs – I realize we haven’t seen most of the commons and uncommons, but I am looking forward to playing with the bombs when I open them!

    Plus if what we have more to look forward to is 10 card cycles like the Cluestones, then we might be just playing the bombs – can’t believe they put another 10 artifacts towards coloring fixing. Some late game ability to draw another card, but not what you want to be doing at your 3 drop!

  33. Feeling the love yet Boros? WOW Legon’s Initiative is an interesting mythic! I see a lot of mis-plays in Boros drafters’ futures, but done right that thing can dominate! Probably not a turn 2 play, but Turn 4 on – booyah!

  34. Wait a minute – Turn 4 – 4/4 Skynight Legionnaire – I take that back – LI is a Turn 2 play!

  35. Sorry 3/3 Skynight – didn’t notice the +1/+0 – +0/+1 disparity between your white and red creatures – makes sense. See, I told you mistakes would be made with this card!

  36. Notion thief is such a good disruption card! perfect answer to Sphinxe’s revelations…

  37. Wowwee! I don’t see Boros getting slowed down at all! Another 3-drop that is attacking immediately – Battalion will come quite swiftly. And with a splash of blue, this is know a 3rd card that steals opponents creatures for a turn. I see some insane Boros draws – 1, 2, 3 creatures of your own to start and then steal 1, 2, 3 creatures in a row!

  38. It’s nice to see some recurring bloodrush in Pyrewild Shaman. I don’t think he warrants a rare, though. It reminds me a lot of Seething Anger [ R, Sorcery, Buyback 3, Target gets +3/+0 until end of turn] on a stick. The trick is best the first time when opponents don’t see it coming. So this one feel a bit lacking.

  39. @Rez

    An important thing to note with shaman is that he can just come down as a 3/1 on turn 3, then trade with a creature, get recovered and replayed. He’s not just a bloodrush card you can use over and over, he’s also a creature with recursion. It’s definitely slow to recover him, and he’s probably not constructed playable, but he’s definitely worthy of being a rare for limited purposes.

  40. at first I thought this set was lacking for pauper – but there are quite a few gems :) Love the sideward/rightside up sideways cards…very helpful :)

  41. I really love the art of Orzhov Guildgate.

    Though the “morphling” is kind of clunky. But i think it is a bomb in limited nontheless.

  42. Just realizing that Aetherling will be so usefull to evolve all the time.

    Does it work to first use

    1: give -1/+1 to make it 3/6

    and then remove it with its first ability, so that it returns in the endstep still being a 3/6? ….still for the evolve plan.

  43. Dragon’s Maze: Superman Returns. Not just evasive with flying, unblockable. And beats out shroud with blink. I like the Simic angle, but if he leaves the battlefield do the pump effects persist? Old school used to have the “as if it was just summoned” text associated with return to battlefield events which would kill the pump. What’s the modern ruling on temporary exile?

  44. @neuhier – that’s not quite how it works. Any changes to P/T that you apply will go away upon exile, which means it returns as its base 4/5.

    I think its power lies in how difficult it is to get rid of it. It isn’t your typical flicker that doesn’t stop things like Devour Flesh, so it can avoid things like that and wrath effects with a single U. I’d say that’s incredibly useful.

  45. Looks like the strongest Pauper set since Innistrad, probably; a nice Golgari kill/self-mill spell, a Kiln Fiend with a fatter butt, and some other multicolor creatures that just need a decent deck to work. Plus I’m sure that someone will make Hidden Strings do some work.

  46. It was unofficially spoiled on the MtG Salvation boards, so take with a grain of salt:

    1U Sorcery Tap or untap a target permanent, then tap or untap another target permanent. Cypher.

    Guess we’ll know for sure tonight if it’s real.

  47. I see a nice mix of aggressive and passive. Gleam of Battle is a bit pricey, but at uncommon it’s a easy to find inevitability clock on a Boros deck. It and Assemble the Legion would be extremely frightening. Jelenn Sphinx, Snare Squad, and hidden strings look like great battalion enablers. They should allow Azorius to push into Boros very easily and create a more aggressive form of control by locking down enemy creatures and allowing an alpha strike on nearly every turn.

    Also, Feral animist just has the mechanics of Gruul perfect. Double your blood rush impact. Or in block on turn 4 with a Mad skills you have a 10/1 threat. Fragile but painful if not dealt with fast.

  48. I hope that in Hell Mark Rosewater will be forced to play decks only made of “necessary” terrible cards. A BWG One With Nothing, Angel’s Mercy, Bountiful Harvest deck would be appropriate. Basically, what I’m saying is that I haven’t found a set remotely interesting since Rise of the Eldrazi.

    Triple Innistrad was okay, but it was not fun to draft live and like New Phyrexia before it was shackled to a corpse. DKA was a poor rehashing of Innistrad. AVR was an abject failure if the point of this game is to have fun. Return to Ravnica block is like an unnecessary movie remake, many of the characters are there, the setting is similar, but something is just completely off. Playing even more recent sets like Shadowmoor has convinced me that the New World Order has been bad for the game. With internet tech rampant and the ability to draft instantaneously on MTGO, set fatigue is at an all time high. The solution to keep gamers coming back for more is to make the game more complex, with intersting interactions that are not at first obvious. Instead, by catering to the only demographic that craves simplicity (new gamers that don’t know how good it once was[I disagree with Rosewater's assessment that all new gamers are Timmies who can't build a good deck, but he is a narcissist and sees himself in the world around him]), they have taken the game in the exact opposite direction than they should. The result is that newer gamers approach the game like a sugar high, they get overly excited about Dragons, burn out and move on to more rewarding pursuits. There is a limit to the number of times you can draft the same uninteresting common and uncommon runs with only slight variation due to rares and call it fun.

    For what it’s worth, I will draft this set a few times, probably have a few decent moments and then chuck 75% of my new cards in the dumpster. That is where intelligence insulting garbage belongs.

  49. @Rocky17 – This argument has to come up with most sets. Hell seems a bit harsh when every set has it’s bad cards. Fourth had its Gray Ogres and Aladdin’s Rings. In fact, there are old sets like Homelands and Fallen Empires which were widely panned. And Fallen Empires have the starts of the Saproling and Thrull tribes that Golgari and Orzhov use for flavor. I stopped playing during the Tempest block and just recently came back to the game. Honestly I’ve been having a lot of fun both online and at the local shop with the whole FNM thing. I like being able to squeeze in a round at night if I’m bored (especially with phantom being the price of a single pack) and still can goof around, trade, and talk trash if I want at the shop. That hasn’t changed in the 15 years I’ve been on hiatus. If you’re having set fatigue, there’s always taking a break, or telling Hasbro with your money (or lack thereof) you dislike the set. Or go play around. If I’ve learned anything, the LRR Joke Drafts are just a lot of fun and rely on playing those hell worthy cards or making silly choices. In fact I’m planning on using my old cards to pull together an EDH deck. So you could even try going casual. So get off my lawn telling people to get off my lawn and go have some fun.

  50. Give it time. By the time you reach the third set in five featuring reprints of Angel’s Mercy and Bountiful Harvest or experience deja vú facing the same slightly tweaked green 2/2 for two or red first striking 3/3 or blue 2/2 with flying, you’ll know what I mean. Limited is now designed to be easy to learn. It aspires to be chess. What it has become is Candyland.

    On the flip side of the commons and uncommons, WotC has a bad habit of *pushing* certain cards for various reasons; to meddle with the meta (from standard to legacy), to promote certain color combinations, to herald in a legendary figure. Unsurprisingly, these cards tend to be mythic. Also unsurprisingly (as we have had twenty years of lessons by now) Wizards is RELLY BAD at pushing things responsibly. For example, Lingering souls’ mana cost was lowered to make a card from Dark Ascension that played well with Sorin. On the one hand they were successful, in that every Sorin deck runs Lingering Souls. Lingering Souls’ existence propped up Sorin’s price at launch and it continues to this day. Yet it isn’t called a Sorin Deck.

    While today’s sets’ uncommons and commons rot in purgatory, increasingly silly things are happening with mythics at high mana costs. I am convinced that WotC does not have a system after six mana. Once you hit ten, anything goes. Savvy deck builders see this, anyone who follows streams knows how thoroughly Travis Woo has broken the game in the past year. Four words, attacking for TWO BILLION. There is no graph that can chart the difference between paying one for a 1/1 and ten to cast every spell for free. It’s like a car going from zero to infinite in ten seconds. I am worried that the loose design of mythics and rares from Omniscience to Beck//Call to Obzedat’s Aid to the new Mana Drain (Simic design strategy: double the mana cost of banned and restricted cards) has us beyond the point of no return. With power creep inevitable, the only direction to go from here is cheaper, somehow more broken.