Eternal Warrior #24: Bringing It All Back Home

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  1. Hi.
    Match one game one. I would have attack into the Griselbrand and swordes my own blocked creature. So he dies to combat damage.
    I’m watching without sound, maybe you mentioned this.

  2. Round two, game three: I did not get the point of equipping your trygon with the skull. He was unable to block it, and you wasted a ton of mana for a win more, you could have swing with the equipped managuy and the predator, and you were still in a good position with an equipped creature and the mana to play games with the skull.

  3. Match one:

    Is it worth it to keep the Swords in? I’m thinking that preemptively landing a T1 Cage and protect it with countermagic and Mages is more relevant. When Brand hits the battlefield you’re already behind as he at worst can Draw7. Cage also hoses Y. Will.