Eternal Warrior #28: Spirit of Eden

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  1. With 9 fetches+elesh getting stuck in your hand it is criminal to not run brainstorm.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I agree it would have been a nice solution to that issue, since Elesh will be stuck in hand a non-trivial amount of the time. The problem is that, while Ancestral at least cycles on the opposing turn, Brainstorm is just actively terrible with SotL in play. There’s a full playset of SotL and the deck is practically built around the card. And there’s really no matchup where SotL gets boarded out — the 3 power trades with Lodestone, so it’s still relevant even against Shops — or else I’d run Brainstorm in the board at least. I do still get value from the fetches in conjunction with Portent, letting me keep piles with only one relevant card.

    In formats where I don’t have access to Brainstorm (so basically just Modern) and have cards I don’t want stuck in hand, I typically use Vendilion Clique to bottom the card. I certainly could consider a copy or two of that card here, though the deck hardly needs another 3 cmc spell.

  3. Liked the deck and agree with the choice of adding a death rite shaman and I think it could take out the gifts pack as it’s only good when you get gifts…

  4. I love the series, I find with the new client it can be hard to see the cards at times, maybe having the card viewer up to identify specific cards you are talking about may help. Thanks for the videos.

  5. Listen, I haven’t watched the video yet, and I don’t have a ton of experience/interest in Vintage, but you referenced Talk Talk in your article title, so I just wanted to say thank you and you’re the best.

  6. I’ve never played Vintage but isn’t spending 8 mana for a Pyroclasm weak when you can spend 3 (Tinker) and have the opponent dead on board instead?

    What about cutting Gifts/Rites/Elesh for another FoF and a couple of Swords?