Eternal Warrior #32: Revisited

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  1. Do you think dack would be worth splashing in this deck? It combos reasonably well with SotL (as we all could have seen) and stealing artifacts is always good in vintage.

  2. I think Stephen Menendian goes by TheAtogLord (at least that’s what he uses in the Vintage Super League). Though maybe he has multiple accounts?

  3. I assumed that was Menendian because he used that handle on the Mana Drain forums, and I think it’s also his twitch username.

    Lantis: I don’t think the combo of SotL and Dack is quite backbreaking enough to warrant a splash. If you use your Dack against the opponent, it’ll be on your turn, so the net result is he draws 1 and discards 2. It basically Scepter-locks him, which isn’t terrible, but getting to a game state where you’d want to do that isn’t easy. Maybe there’s a deck that wants to do it, but it probably isn’t this style of deck.

    Kainius: I totally agree, Dig Through Time appears to work very well indeed with SotL. It’s similar to the role FoF is playing in the deck, and my previous iteration of this deck played Gifts as well, so it’s an effect I am interested in. I will be trying it out. It fights with DRS a little, but I think that’s manageable.