Exclusive Magic Content for Our Fans!

Dear Magic fan,

For the next several weeks, MTGO Academy will be emailing exclusive video content featuring a combination of constructed and limited Magic to our newsletter subscribers. The content will feature Battle for Zendikar cards, made available only recently on Magic Online. These videos will not be accessible through our Youtube channel, or through our front page like our other content is.

This means that if you’d like to see the (additional) free exclusive content, you should subscribe to our (also free) newsletter. (You can find the subscription box on the right side of our front page.)

To make sure you receive the emails featuring links to the videos, you may want to add newsletter[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com to your email account’s safe senders list.

A short note of clarification: This is in addition to the regular free content we offer most weekdays.


MTGO Academy Staff

  1. Is this content in addition to the usual scheduled content? Thanks and keep up the great vids!

  2. @Jason — Yes, it’s in addition to the regular content, and thanks for the note. (I made a clarification in the post above.)

    @Breadboy — I’m not sure what you mean. Maybe my reply to Jason provides a clear answer?

    @Greg — This is in addition to the regularly scheduled content.

    @Shendue — No problem. I appreciate your frankness (as well as the importance you place on a clean inbox).

  3. Comments show again that no one feels more entitled to premium service than the free content receiver…
    Amazing how people can complain about free, quality content. If you don’t like it – leave it.
    I for my part appreciate the effort. Thanks!

  4. @Jason: I don’t remember ever writing that i wanted the content anyway. Could you please quote me where i wrote it? Thanks.
    And last time i checked, there were hundreds of free drafting videos on Youtube. If i watch those on MTGOAcademy it’s because i like the website and i’m willing to support it in other ways like with advertising on the page that may provide them income (actually, they ALREADY advertise their own store during the videos), yet i need my email address to be clean because i need it to be like that for work and other purposes.
    @Planetwalls: Indeed, and sorry about that. No harsh feeling intended. I could have easily created a fake email if i really wanted to, but that would defeat the whole purpose of a mailing list, which is advertising the website and card store, i suppose. Again, i wouldn’t complain if you add advertising banners or something like that. Anything, as long as it doesn’t fill my email with spam.

  5. P.S. And i’m sorry if my first comment came out as rude. It’s just that i’m frustrated by email spam to the point that i don’t register to websites anymore even if i like them just to avoid to make my email box unusable.

  6. @PlanetWalls: You never know, with short messages it’s always hard to give enough context to a written message to convey a tone, therefore the intended meaning is often misunderstood. Sometimes people got a message that i meant to be funny, or just neutral, as rude.
    In this very case, it’s just that i’ve been using the very same email address while browsing for so many years that i basically get updates from EVERYTHING. :P

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