Forcing the Will: 3-Color Thresh

Hello all and welcome to another edition of Forcing the Will. Today we have a special article for you all, but before I get to that, let’s go over a few things first. First of all, the Legacy events on MTGO have continued to not fire, so I don’t have any MTGO Legacy Metagame report for you. I will, however, be going over the Legacy deck known as Thresh, specifically 3C (3-Color) Thresh. After the 3C Thresh videos, I have a special announcement and video for you all, but make sure to check out the 3C Thresh videos first! So let’s not waste any more time and get into the 3C Thresh deck.

3C Thresh

Threshold decks have been around since Odyssey Block was first released. Since then there have been many variations of Thresh decks ranging from the Standard format all the way to the Vintage format, but in the Legacy format there is one Threshold deck that is played more frequently than others. The Threshold deck played in Legacy is often the 3C Threshold build which consists of red, blue, and green spells.

The basic concept behind the Threshold deck is to use 1-2cc creatures that abuse having a graveyard full of cards. Most Threshold decks will run Nimble Mongoose, Tarmogoyf, and Grim Lavamancer, all of which gain benefits from a full graveyard. The Thresh deck gets its name from Nimble Mongoose‘s threshold ability, which will transform the ferocious 1/1 shroud into a 3/3 untargetable nightmare for your opponent once there are 7+ cards in your graveyard. To do this, the deck runs a number of 1-2cc to help manipulate your library, counter your opponent’s spells, and burn you opponent’s face or their creatures. The deck is very much an Aggro Control type of deck and is quite formidable against most decks in the Legacy Metagame. Enough of my rambling; let’s get on to the version of the deck I decided to play.

I will now go into further detail about the cards in the 3C Thresh deck as well as provide some sample games of the deck in action. So get comfortable and enjoy the videos!

3C Thresh Deck Tech

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Round 1

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Round 2

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Round 3

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Round 4

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There you have it folks, 3C Thresh in action! I hope you found these videos to be both useful and entertaining. I am personally very fond of this deck, and would highly recommend it to someone who wants a deck that does well in Legacy. The deck has a good matchup against most decks in the format, but if you do decide to play the deck make sure to take a look at the metagame and adjust the sideboard to have a greater chance of winning against certain decks in Games 2 and 3. If you have any criticisms both positive and negative, comments, or questions about the deck or videos, feel free to post a comment below, or contact me either by email at or on MTGO at my username KillerOwen.

Important Announcement

Usually I would present you with the ‘You Choose the Deck’ segment of my Forcing the Will article, but today I have some important news for all of my readers. I have decided to take a break from the Forcing the Will series and will not be doing any more articles at this point in time. This doesn’t mean that I am done with the Forcing the Will series forever, but for the time being I am done. Rather than blab on and on in this article, I decided to do something a little more personal and thank everyone face to face for making my Forcing the Will articles happen. I couldn’t have done it without MTGO Academy or my readers and fans, and I am very thankful for all of you. So without further ado, I present my farewell video.

I hope you all understand my reasoning for ending the series, and again I apologize to my readers and fans. You all mean so much to me, and I am grateful to have such a wonderful group of fans and friends surrounding me. Please remember to spread the word and watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel so that I can start uploading my videos there as well.

That’s all for this installment of Forcing the Will. I hope you all have enjoyed the Forcing the Will series. It has been quite an experience for me, and I hope that it was a wonderful experience for you all, as well. Please leave any comments, or questions you have both positive or negative, and I will do my best to respond to them. And until we meet again, may the Force of Will be with you! Seriously I’m going to miss saying that… Catch you all later!

Owen Robbins

  1. Thanks for all the articles and videos, Owen. Best of luck to you with school, work, and whatnot!

  2. Thanks for the vids, and good luck with your endeavors! We’ll still be here whenever you upload the next one ;]

  3. How much were you drinking during the time you were recording, you seemed to get quite excited during the last match ^^

    And your daze are non-foil in an all-foil deck (nice btw!), horrible o.O

  4. Oh, no… I am so sad to hear you leave, even if it’s temporary.
    I wish you very good luck with all your works and hope to see you again.

  5. Thanks for the content man. I especially liked Reanimator.dek Hopefully by the time you are back Legacy will be hot again. BTW- How old are you? Just curious.

  6. I only watched R1 so far:
    R1G2: Why do you want to keep the Ligthning Bolt in hand ? Stifle would have been better to protect Tarmo.
    I think you make a lot of small mistakes over all of your games you upload. I know that it’s hard to comment the play while trying to focus on the game, try to take some breaks to think through different plays. Normally the games don’t last long so you don’t have to be afraid of timing out and believe me, your videos won’t become boring anyways ;)
    Keep up the work !

  7. Hello Owen,

    thank you for the great content you put up for us in the past – it certainly showed your dedication and love for the game. I hope that you will find some time in the future to write again and share your insight with our visitors. I wish you the best for your future and hope that you succeed with whatever you made your top priorities.

    You will be missed here,


  8. @ Norin The Wary: You are correct I totally thought I had lost once he played the worker. I didn’t even consider that he wouldn’t be able to unequip the Wurmcoil if the worker was dead.

    @ DjMira: Haha I was actually sober I just had a burst of energy during the last match, and I know those non foil Dazes are terrible I just need to wait for the weekend to get some foil ones.

    @ moerutora: You are most welcome! And FYI I am 23 years old.

    @ cotd: Thinking back on it Stifle would have been better protection for my Tarmo. It’s true I do tend to make a lot more mistakes when I am filming since I am always in the GO GO! mindset, but I usually tend to play a lot slower when it’s just me or in paper. It’s something that I have been meaning to do in my videos, but I always find myself lapsing back into the thought process where I need to be always saying or doing something. Hopefully with this break I can come back and make better videos by spending more time during filming.

    @ Plejades: Thank you for allowing me to contribute to the site for so long. I really enjoyed working with you and the rest of the team here at the Academy, and of course to all the followers who would read and support my articles. I defiantly look forward to returning here again.

    Thanks everyone for all of the comments and wishes. Trust me I will miss doing these articles just as much, but rest assured you have not seen the last of me!

  9. You were playing so good untill round 3. What happened? I understand that you can tend to make play mistakes against decks you don’t often play against but still… You could have won game 1 and game 2 it was like you weren’t even trying. Good games other wise.

  10. oh my i will miss this segment from MTGO academy, i’m a huge fan of this segment, goodluck with your work :) hope to see you again killerowen for another article we are looking forward to watch your new videos :)

  11. You could have won R2G2. When you played BS, you should have put the Daze on top. When your Opp then plays Price, just double Daze, returning 2 Lands. He has to tap out and deals only 4 damage this way. Even Fireblast afterwards just puts you to 2 and he can’t play another spell this turn because he has no mana left.
    Since you know that a Price is really the only scary card he could have, you really screwed this one up^^.

  12. I really liked your content, but I’d wish you had payed more attention to your plays, since you tend to do play mistakes that cost you games. For example, Match 3 Game1, you forgot to attack ONCE with the 1/1 mongoose, and when your opponent finally lands a wurmcoil, HE’S AT 4 LIFE, AND YOU HAVE A LIGHTNING BOLT IN HAND.

  13. I always looked forward to your articles and dech techs. They are helping me understand legacy and I’ll be jumping in if the DE’s every start to fire.

    Your videos are very entertaining. the funny mistakes are when you are completely moving to do something but just don’t do it.

    “I’m going to play nimble mongoose”, click, click, click


  14. Dang dude come back! Your films just got me to invest into one online legacy and one paper legacy deck! Wish you the best if you aren’t coming back but imma keep checking in so long as there is hope!!!

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