Forcing the Will: MUD

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Be sure to check out KillerOwen’s YouTube channel, his Facebook page, and also his Twitter!

Remember to check out KillerOwen’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account!

  1. In game 2 round 1, you have the option to play turn 1 traitors/monolith, turn 2 monolith wurmcoil engine. Its quite a bit better than what you actually do – it beats anything but artifact removal, and the alternate line you take is even more vulnerable to artifact removal.

  2. Too bad that I am too stupid to understand all those complicated cards. I will go back to playing BINGO.

  3. In Round 3 you can tap your mox opal in response to swords so that you can still make mana and cast grim monolith. Is there a reason you didn’t?

  4. It’s funny how this deck basically only uses cards from the artifact blocks. (yeah urza’s = enchantment, but come on)

  5. What a fun and powerful deck. Easy to see that you’ve been playing Diablo as some of your lines of play weren’t as thought through as they might have been. If you watch the games again Owen, you will likely see more misplays than I did. Looking forward to see you get back into the groove in the next few weeks. Thanks for the legacy vids.

  6. You should try to throw together a Stax Variant instead. Has pretty much always seemed better tha MUD overall- humility, o-ring, geddon, karmic justice, moat, humility, smokestack, elspeth…yeah. Not as powerful with outright ending games, but opponents with a clue discard.

  7. I have to echo Gus here and compliment your deck, looks extremely fun to play! Awesome vids, nice to see you back! :)

  8. @ Oraymw: That’s your personal opinion, and if that’s how you feel about Legacy that’s your thing I have no problem with that. To each his own.

    @ CSeraph: The play you suggested is the correct play. I definitely played that wrong no question about it.

    @ Duck: Honestly I can’t think of a good reason for not tapping the Mox. The only thing I can think of is that when I was playing I thought it was during the declare attacker phase instead of my main phase. Just a sloppy play on my part.

    @ Mamut3D: Oh there will be!

    @ Gus: Thanks mate. I am definitely a bit rusty. I only got to test this deck probably 5-7 times before I did these recordings, and I hadn’t played any MTGO for about 2 months before that.

    @ abon: I like to think that Stax and MUD are two different decks even though they both use a lot of the same cards. I have been wanting to do a Stax video for a long time, but I decided to do MUD this time.

    @ Jay: Glad to be back man.

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Feel free to post any comments or questions you have both positive and negative, and I will do my best to answer them.

  9. Just got pointed out that someone is posting with an unverified version of my username. Just wanted you to know that the real Oraymw is not the one trolling you, Owen.

  10. Any changes you would make with the new cards that have come out? Staff of Nin?