Forcing the Will: Punishing Maverick

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Be sure to check out KillerOwen’s YouTube channel, his Facebook page, and also his Twitter!

Remember to check out KillerOwen’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account!

  1. Just started watching, and finished M1G1 and had to stop to comment. You neglected to block the Dreadnaught with the Jitte equipped Teeg. That would have gotten you Jitte counters, AND freed your Zenith in hand to search for a Pridemage to blow up the Dreadnaught (assuming no Stifle and no counter). Instead, you took a 12 point hit that you had no way on board or in hand to recover from. Where’s the justification?

  2. @ RedEyedSoul : I went and re-watched the videos right after I recorded them and that was by far one of the biggest misplays I noticed. Simply put I didn’t pause long enough to think about my other options before proceeding. You are correct I very well could have done just that, and could have possible won game 1 rather than going on to both games 2 and 3.

  3. Just a minor pet peeve, but in Legacy, since all your lands come into play untapped, I can’t think of a situation where you should crack fetches at EOT rather than waiting until main phase and seeing what you’ve drawn. It is a minor detail that I see players fumbling on frequently. It is something that won’t change the outcome of the matches very often, but you might as well gain as much information as you can before fetching your land (even though M1G1 you are more often than not grabbing the taiga in that situation anyways). Just thought I’d give you my 2c.

  4. Wrath– I think you’re half-right. In most situations, it may be best to wait for your turn, but possibly not after you draw cards if you don’t want to draw a land. Thinning your deck of an extra land makes it impossible to draw that land, and assuming you don’t want to draw a land, then you ought to break your fetch during your upkeep.

  5. Hard to get a sense of how effective the “Punishing” component of the deck is since it was boarded out in almost every match and rarely cast in G1. I suppose it is a testment to the deck that it can perform admirably without needing/using one of its primary combos.

  6. Re: Wrath’s point: Its pretty well demonstrated that fetchland thinning’s impact on a given game is fairly low (but obv a slight net positive). However, if you screw up an do not get the right land to maximize your next play (for instance: I’m 90% to want a trop but only want a Tiaga 10% of the time so I’ll get a Trop… but the 10% of the time you need the tiaga that play would be the best one you can make) then you’ve lost any advantage you hoped to gain through thinning.

    Owen is pretty experienced in this and usually knows his decks well enough to fetch correctly – but even he occasionally makes mistakes, so generally I agree with Wrath. Barring need to shuffle or stifle effects (etc. etc.) most players will probably get more out of drawing first and then fetching than they gain by trying to play the thinning margins.

  7. Stony silence does in fact turn off artifact mana, same as null rod, or phyrexian revoker. Pithing needle doesn’t work that way because it specifically says on it that it doesn’t.

  8. @ Wrath: It’s someething that I’m used to doing in Legacy. I usually play decks that run Brainstorm and usually the best time to cast Brainstorm is at your opponent’s EOT. That way I can pop the fetch to shuffle up any unwanted cards, and have all my mana available on my turn. I also usually do this against Blue decks since the format will be running tons of Stifles from time to time. This way if an opponent casts Stifle they will have that much less mana during your turn. I do see where you are coming from though and it does make sense in some cases, and probably would work just fine for this deck.

    @ Robin: I know I was a little disappointed myself. I was running against quite a number of creature decks in the Tournament Practice room when I was testing, but in this case I think regular Maverick would have been a much better choice.

    @ cseraph: Thank you for clearing that up for me! I have never actually been able to test that out and see if it actually worked the way I thought it would. I’m glad to hear that it does.

  9. phyrexian revoker says nonland, tried that in standart to stop man lands :-) didn´t work