Forcing the Will: Zombies

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(Editor’s Note: For those looking for Simon Says with Simon Goertzen, check back the Thursday after next for a new one. This week Simon was occupied in Lyon doing coverage of the Grand Prix. –PlanetWalls)

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  1. match 1 game 1, you play a fetchland and he removes a bloodghast with scavenging ooze in response to the bloodghast trigger. Why don’t you just fetch in response to get your bloodghasts back before the ooze trigger resolves? That way he has less life and you have an extra bloodghast, which probably would have let you win that game

  2. How can you possibly be that bad?

    Not picking the Spell Pierce with your discard spell is one thing, but to play right into it is just… DURR.

  3. this dudes videos are so much better than everyone elses. Why would I want to watch the fourth draft video of the day when this guy is playing events with legacy decks that I never knew existed?