From Premade to Awesome #8: Mardu Action

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  1. I find your articles to be quite interesting, although I suspect a large number of people become intimidated by all the words that they have to read to figure out what you’re doing. I think Warriors is probably the best way to go with an aggressive Mardu deck at this point. It’s certainly not the best deck in the format, but that’s a problem for constructed full out, not for your project.

    Keep it up, I’ll be waiting to see what you come up with next!

  2. Warriors…come out and pla-aaayyyy.

    It has a theme now, and a decent one. The ability to draw more cards with an aggro deck is just great, in most any way possible, and if it boosts their power — that is simply a sure thing. But to be honest, getting Chief of the Edge on the board for turn 2 isn’t really a must-have, as mentioned in the article, especially with the other two-drops.

    Like, getting him on a later turn is basically a Chant effect, or whatever they’re called, that can also attack. Sometimes he’ll have to be held back from combat, but he’ll be good just making the other cards attack for big, such as right after a raid-triggered Hordechief.

    Crackling Doom is a sweet card. I’m a little bit surprised they put it in there, as superficially it is a bit intricate and newbies would shout “Yeah, so what?!” If it weren’t for the casting cost it could be a three-of or full-four. I guess I don’t know for what amount is being sold.

    I’m surprised it did as well as it did before any changes. That said, it’s can be shaped into something sweet. Thank you for the article!