From Premade to Awesome #9: More Mardu

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  1. Zurgo and Butcher each have arguments in their favour, and I think it’s largely a matter of personal preference which you want. I do think, however, that you’re overstating the relevance of creature type. The +1/+0 from Chief of the Edge gets less relevant as the creatures get bigger, the Butcher can give himself lifelink so he doesn’t really need the Rush of Battle bonus, and Zurgo’s already presenting 7+ power that your opponent needs to worry about before they even consider what you might draw off of Raiders’ Spoils. The Butcher not being a Warrior isn’t really that big of a disadvantage all up.

    As I said, though, both of them can win the game if they hit the table so they’re fairly interchangeable.

  2. Butcher has my vote. It’s got much better abilities, and actually usually closes faster due to being cheaper and not being blocked as often. And he’s way better on defense. And has sweet interactions with Bloodsoaked Champion.

  3. I would want at least 12 sources for each color. I would also play Butcher and shave a land. You could do that with 4 Outpost, 4 Wind-Scarred Crag, 8 Swamp, 4 Plains, 4 Mountains. I think Chief of the Scale is better than Hateblade or Valley Dasher in this deck, so I would replace those. With the Chiefs, I think you want nearly all your mana to tap for either W or B, so minimizing mountains could help.

  4. Butcher is all over the place…it even showed up in the opponents’ decks for this article. Zurgo needs his moment in the sun, too.

  5. playing the deck, starting with the right mana and 2 spells you can cast seems the only to ensure a good start, and anything else leaves you open for hurts. Really need an answer for anger of the gods, and I got rid of hateblade, dasher, and one bloadsoaked for 3 chief of scale, to be able to power through the assortment of early 2 powers

  6. I think your mana is a big issue. Decks with this tight a budget constraint should be 1 or 2 colors IMHO, especially if your playing aggro. If you want to keep it 3 color I would keep the 4 nomad outpost and add 4 evolving wilds. The tempo loss is worth it to consistently cast spells. I really like the refuge duals but wilds helps you hit 3 colors. That being said, I would play as many as 12 ETB tapped lands if I had necessary to consistently hit my colors. As far as Zurgo goes I’m with you. I think him and butcher are closer then most people realize (butcher is a bit better don’t get me wrong). The flavor are aggressiveness push him over the top. Or maybe 1 of each?

  7. Hey Matt,

    one of each Zurgo and Butcher sounds appealing. You are probably right about the lands too, I should have included Evolving Wilds. I will try to make the next deck of Khans more consistent.

    You are right about the starting hand. If you get a bad start you can basically forfeit the game. Chief of Scale is a good addition but I would have dropped a Chief of the Edge instead of a Bloodsoaked Champion. I think you want the early power more than an additional BW creature.

    @everyone else
    Thanks for all the comments and sorry I couldn’t get around to answer them all in time. It looks like Butcher has the majory of votes, and it probably is the better creature. But you know .. Zurgo is the chief ;)