GP Vienna Report and BTT Draft Strategy

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  1. I would actually go RWu, becouse the deck needed just a little more power than it naturaly had. Anyway, nice and educative article for sure!

  2. OTOH, UW provides more consistency and focus:
    9 Plains
    7 Island
    1 Temple of Enlightenment
    1 Favored Hoplite
    1 Hopeful Eidolon
    1 Loyal Pegasus
    1 Nyxborn Shieldmate
    1 Cavalry Pegasus
    1 Setessan Battle Priest
    1 Vanguard of Brimaz
    1 Omenspeaker
    1 Fabled Hero
    1 Wavecrash Triton
    1 Breaching Hippocamp
    1 Great Hart
    1 Griffin Dreamfinder
    1 Sealock Monster
    1 Mortal’s Ardor
    1 Battlewise Valor
    1 Crypsis
    1 Fate Foretold
    1 Voyage’s End
    1 Divination
    1 Ray of Dissolution
    1 Excoriate
    1 Sudden Storm

  3. Thanks for the article. i hope no one listens to you and i draft an awesome u/g deck tonight lol.

  4. Thanks for your feedback Missed Chance! I had this doubt o U/W vs R/W. I opted for R/W because the late game options it gave me as well the 2 Kragma Butchers to fill nicely the curve and the awesome Fall of the Hammer. And these two cards won me games that the blue cards would have not. If the pool had one Nimbus Naiad and, another blue flyer like Chorus of the Tide, the 3/4 Chimera or Horizon Scholar, I would have gone U/W in a heartbeat.

  5. It’s always hard to evaluate these things by speculation. Can you be sure that Sudden Storm, Voyage’s End and Wavecrash Triton wouldn’t have won you games Red couldn’t win for you as well? (Note that you also play different with different decks, and thus face different situations, so looking at how certain cards fared / would’ve fared in certain situations you encountered may not be that meaningful at all).

    I agree that the overall card quality of UW isn’t impressive, though.

  6. Very good article. Congrats for the GP. I really hope to read more articles like this.

  7. Any consideration to Pinnacle of Rage? Not a huge fan of it in draft but it’s okay in sealed I think. Might have put it in over dreamfinder.

  8. Missed Chance, I agree that it is difficult to evaluate these scenarios and I sure agree that UW was a interesting and viable choice as well. Maybe UWr would be fine too, splashing Fall of the Hammer and the 2 red bestow guys. Once Again, Thanks for your feedback! =)

    Vis, I confess that I dismissed Pinnacle of Rage because it is very bad at draft, but I agree that It could have been decent in some occasions. I thought about it after the GP and regretted not have considered it for sideboarded games at least.