Hot or Not? DKA Contest Winners

After counting decklists for what seemed to be days, we’ve come to our winners for the Dark Ascension edition of “Hot or Not?”. Thank you to everyone who decided to participate!

Challenge #1: Mythical Mayhem

At the end of Saturday, February 25, 2012, Huntmaster of the Fells was 17.57 tickets, and Sorin, Lord of Innistrad was 26.8 tickets. Many users were close (within a 2-ticket margin of error), but only one contestant got close to the combined prices: JaceTheBodySculptor was just over 1 ticket away from guessing the combined prices! Congratulations, and enjoy your 50 bot credits for use on MTGO Academy’s bots (Academy_Sellbot, Academy_Sellbot2, Academy_Sellbot3, and Academy_Foilbot)!

Challenge #2: It’s a Numbers Game

While no participant got all five cards correct (who could’ve guessed that Sudden Disappearance would be seen in so many sideboards?!), two tied with four correct glimpses into the future of the Innistrad Block Constructed metagame. The top-played cards were: Grafdiggers Cage (seen in many sideboards), the aforementioned Sudden Disappearance, Increasing Devotion, Vault of the Archangel and Hellrider (the most played card from Dark Ascension in IBC). Kudos to ninfo and smolensk, who will split the prize for this portion of the contest!

Looking Forward

Contests are fun, and we’d love to run more in the future. What ideas would you like to see for future giveaways? Leave them in the comments below! Be creative and keep the ideas as open as possible for everyone to participate!


The MTGO Academy staff

  1. Yay! If I ever make a top 8 at a major event, I will list winning this contest in my past Magic accomplishments.

  2. Congrats to the winners!

    Suggestion for future competition: most epic screen shot from magic online. That is, send in the screenshot of the most cool, bizzare and outright epic moments you expirienced while playing MTGO.

  3. Thanks a lot! My reasoning was

    Grafdiggers Cage: Lots of people will want to hate out the Burning Vengeance decks

    Increasing Devotion: Seems insane with Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

    Hellrider: playing boros in block myself this was obviously an autoinclude, and given the popularity of boros……

    Vault of the Archangel: lets you send your entire team without fear into bigger guys and gain tons of life. Crushes aggressive strategies as well as slower controllish decks relying on bigger creatures.

    Sudden Disappearance: Well, if tokens is going to be everywhere, Plague Wind for 6 mana seems like a good deal and in the worst case its a Falter.

  4. @smolensk – Sound reasoning, but you didn’t actually pick Sudden Disappearance (nobody got all five right), you had Dungeon Geists in your list.