1. Nice video as always. Perhaps a bit more relevant commentary at times while waiting for others to act would make it even better. I think explaining why you kept in G2 rather than mulliganing would be edifying, perhaps by noting a card or two that if missing would have made you mulligan. I’d have shipped that back in short order!

    I find it frustrating that it is not possible to move the video forward past that which has been pre-downloaded…. especially with 2 hour games like this. Perhaps you could break the games into pieces?

    I also think it’s frustrating that you play unnecessarily slowly at times. A simple F6 when you are tapped out wouldn’t seem to really give much away about your hand but would shave some time from your games. Pace of play is a big problem for the format overall in my eyes. Basically my strategy is to slowly click forward through the video reading the game log. Obviously I miss a lot of juicy commentary as a result, so it’s not ideal.

    Keep ‘em coming though!

  2. In finance, risk refers to the deviation from the expected value, be it positive or negative. Considering that you were in a risk management course, I think this is what they meant.

  3. oh my lord, these videos are so long. I have to say, I think in the first set of games, none of their decks is near yours in power so you just stomped them, and it was entertaining to watch.

    I agree with the first poster about not understanding your keep in the 2nd game, seems like an awful hand

  4. I have to agree with Inneutral and Aznsilly, the vids are a little too long for my tastes.

    I got through the first game but after I saw the keep in the second game I thought to myself: “Wait, why am I actually watching this? Just because it’s on? That’s what the tv is for!” so I shut off the vid.
    A little more relevant gameplay information or some speeding up and I think these videos would be a lot more fun. Also some of the things you type…-_-’

    Then again, maybe I’m just not the right audience for these vids. I love the deck and I love multiplayer (and it’s awesome that you play 1 on 3 often :D), but the pace, the length and the commentary aren’t really all my cup of tea. Too bad!

  5. I disagree with the comments about video length. I love these vids just the way they are.

  6. SO thats how we beat Trav…grudge him until he quits the format.

    Effin nerds want game relevant commentary…goto channel fireball and lick lsv’s gunt.

    Imma just sit back and rock out to some AC/DC, Kenny Rodgers, and desk tapping solos. Werd!

  7. I’d say if risk didn’t have an implied positive outcome it wouldn’t be a risk, but rather a dumb idea.

  8. Once more, if you use it in a sentence like:

    “What are the risks of heart surgery?”

    Then yes, generally the negative outcomes will be given. In this case, risk is pointing to the outcome of heart surgery. However, when people use the term as in this sentence:

    “Do we take the risk?”

    Risk is instead referring to the act itself (heart surgery in this case). Though I agree, risk has a strong negative connotation, in some cases it does imply a potential positive outcome.

  9. Hey, fellas. Sorry for the slow reply. I have been in the world of the working and unable to bust up the pitchfork and torch party.

    So, first off, yes, as I apologized in the prior video, I am not playing as quickly as I should. So again, sorry. That’s what these vids are about: trial and error. I don’t always have a particularly interesting yarn, or can hit everyone’s mark as far as entertainment is concerned. But know that I try.

    I received a multitude of feedback about playing non-interactive decks, so I thought I’d play something a little less “wham wham win” for a change. Expect next month’s deck to get big laughs, as I chose the ultimate uphill battle- one that should also be relatively time-efficient as well.

    With regard to the “risk” semantics: in terms of business, sure, I can extend some degree of understanding to the notion that it implies change, period. But in general, no. Say you go in for said heart surgery, and ask, “what are the risks of this procedure?” The attending physician will more than likely list off a battery of potential life-altering, impeding, or ending results; one of which will not be “the procedure will work and your quality of life will drastically improve.” This is why you are taking said risk, not the risk itself. I’m sure some will take the opportunity to ping pong this back my way, but I ask that you first consult any number of dictionaries. Afterward, check out a thesaurus and look at risk’s antonyms.

    Even my professor, at the end of the course conceded that in risk management this was an ill-named term to describe overall change. The best example should could muster in defense of it being positive (and this is an NYU adjunct that owns an international trading outfit) was as follows: she and some associates hosted a seminar for like professionals. The RSVPs were for 60, but 120 people attended. The accommodations were not enough for those in attendance, which ultimately made the organizers look entirely out of their depth. Many people left, unhappy with the overflux, and more time was spent trying to rally than in presenting material to the best of the organizer’s ability.

    So if this is an example of positive risk outcome – a bunch of people coming out of the blue to be essentially ill-provided, I’d say that’s pretty negative.

    Again, I will try and expedite the games henceforth. So, when the next one hits, do take this into consideration before proposing alteration again. Do remember, the purpose of these videos, which is why I chose Commander, is to use MtGO as a backdrop for my banter; not so much to educate, but moreso to entertain. Granted, I think I am quite the pundit when it comes to Highlander formats, but if you’re after bare bones stratagem then, yes, perhaps these aren’t for you. I just talk to myself and hope to make a few people laugh while I spotlight some deck ideas I have put together. Nothing more, nothing less. :)

    Thanks, for the comments, folks! I appreciate your time.