If You Build It…: The Sweepah Game 2(ish)

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  1. Yo Trav,

    I’m currently watching the vid and since your an admin of this site I got a quick question: is there any possibility to lock the fullscreen so it isn’t turned off anytime you click somewhere else?

  2. oldest of six!
    the gum chewing is slightly annoying, but not unbearable.
    i would definitely get crucible of worlds…you can start strip mine locking them, in singleton…how long till you can get it again
    the music is really annoying and high pitched, you could try being silent for a bit until you have things to say instead of me having to stick stuff places :-(

    why did you pick the pile with armageddon + land tax? you have lots of lands in hand, 3 cards is better than 2, and thirst for knowledge seems good, especially when you already have an artifact land in hand to be able to discard

    gaddock teeg locks out armageddon effects :-(

    well, at least you won. im wondering how many games you get to play to the finish with that deck?

    i dont understand why you discarded your 2nd land with a hand like that.

  3. Wow the tax/wayfarer guy quit first, what an enormous p***y. Also guys that build a deck which absolutely looses to armageddon and then concede if they get geddoned annoy the hell out of me. And yeah, people that can’t handle a Winter Orb and quit annoy me equaly.

    Also: still too many lands in the deck :P
    You got 39 right now and 6 (or 7) mana artifacts, two of which cost 0 to cast and the rest (except 1) cost cc2. In my style of deckbuilding I consider the cc2 mana artifacts “lands” aswell, because you will nearly always be able to cast em.
    Which leads me to the oppinion that you are playing 45 land + land tax + tithe + cost reducer (Arbiter) and stuff.

    And you are wondering why you are flooded as hell?

  4. Holy crap! This is like comment overload, and I just woke up with a sore knee from possibly worshiping false gods!

    Hmm. Okay, let’s try this:

    1.) I’ll stop chewing gum when blowing bubbles isn’t cool any more (so soon).

    2.) If I drew artifact mana instead of land that would still be mana flood, only I’d have to pay the mana, so… You need a diff argument… still. Yes, in a deck that blows up the world, and doesn’t want dead mana artifact draws during random intervals in the game (we can’t always guarantee a Turn 3 Arby after a Turn 2 Talisman, friends), ensuring your mana is A.) free (I try not to even play CIPT lands) and B.) less susceptible to removal is the way to go. I know this for a fact, as I won multiple 100CS PEs with a similar deck that played only the Moxen, Borderpost, and Coalition Relic. Sorry, bro bro bro… You’re not winning this one.

    3.) I don’t even remember playing these games, though I do remember it was on the tail end of no sleep and like 16 days of work with no day off. I will have to rewatch this and provide you with some insight. Or, on the other hand, I probably won’t because it will only fuel semantic debate and make all of us not nearly as close as we should be. While I do occasionally have moments of Rainman like genius, I sometimes falter, fumble, and inevitably fart stupidity like a lawn mister with a bad timer. This was def my least fav of the series, probably my least favorite video I have ever done. At this point I hate the deck. The next two are substantially better. Thazz right, fall for the marketing ploy suckaaaaaaaaaaaaz!

  5. I fell asleep immediately after the video ended but, your deck actually seems quite decent. You may never finish a game, but think of how long and drawn out a full game with that deck would be. And no idea what was up with woodjt(kaervek) he made the rest of us kaervek players look bad. THough I am reassured to see the general literacy level of mtgo is the same as always since people don’t understand no quitters.

  6. Well, I think the video is corrupted or something due to your enormous amount of swamps. I get to 18:32 and the pinwheel pops up. Can’t watch it I guess, which sucks cuz I still have about an hour to kill and **** will only take up 3 minutes. It’s good I heard you won, not sure who stuck around until the end, but next week…yup…sweepah.

    I like land over over artifact mana, simply because its free. Unless you are trying to get multiple mana sources in play in a single turn, in order to cast a bombtastic fattie win condition, then yes artifact mana and ramping is the way to go. But if you only need some land in hand and 4 mana for a geddon, then I believe more land is better.

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  7. Cool video again, if not a bit long but hey thats the format.
    I like the deck idea but you did seem to get more mana sources than should be humanly possible in one game.

  8. Well, let’s just say it like this: having nearly 50% mana (if you include Tithe and stuff) in a deck, which curve basically ends at 4, is never a good thing.
    No matter how much stuff you blow up (and you only got like 2 and 2 halfs of a geddon effect).

    That’s imo just poor deck design.

    But whatever.
    I’ll just watch you nag about mana flood for some more hours, cause you are entertaining.

    PS: I’m drunk.

  9. Not to toot my own horn, but, I’m kind of a go-to guy for deck design in Singleton formats, for the last CCCs, at least. Again, if you can do better, build it, tape it without bias, and present it for scrutiny. Right now you’re in a minority. I played the 100CS version of this and bashed through multiple PEs to victory. Otherwise, get a new horse; you beat this one to death. Although, I do have the consolation of winning said flooded games despite adversity AND robbing you of your time :). I don’t know what you call that in Germany (a Krunkenstiler?), but back in good ol’ Indiana we call it a ‘two-fer!’

  10. Well you won and you won bigtime.
    But you have to admit: your opponents did not fight back at all. (well except for that Doomblade)

    I wonder how long you could’ve survived drawing blanks for like 5 consecutive turns against real decks… ;)
    And I don’t know why you won’t take the criticism.
    It’s like playing Russian roulette with 3 bullets in the chamber and you’re wondering why people keep dying. Drawing land/mana in your deck is simply a 50% chance (or maybe even more if you count precisely).

    PS: What’s a Krunkenstiler?

  11. You could probably cut 1-2 lands without problem. Though given that the deck inherently limits your own ability to play spells, just less so than your opponents’, I don’t think a low spell count is especially problematic.

  12. I appreciate criticism, sincerely. And trust, I have been in the game of evoking verbal battle for a good long while now. It’s merely your unflinching complaints on a topic I have explained more than once. Yes, I drew a lot of land. Yes, I played against less competitive decks. Sadly, I wonder if you are getting the overall point of these videos: entertainment, not profundity on an altogether ignored format by most “competitive players.” If someone tries to knock my hat off in a public forum, I am entitled, in fact, dutifully obligated, to respond with due force.

    So, anyone excited about Inception?

  13. Did anyone else notice that Mosschops and FadingThoughts int he video both had Cataclysm playmats, as they went WAH WAH WAH all the way home. Coincidence I guess.

  14. Cataclysm = Global Ruin, same thing though.

    I was thinking…you should do a set review for 100CS and Commander on new sets that come out. I would do it, but i think everyone would rather hear your gum chewiing, lip smacking, G1 text beeps(I have one too, not stalking), and KISS music, whilst gaining some knowledge and your insight on new sets in these formats.

  15. I’m not trying to knock your hat be any means.
    I sure know that you’re able to build great decks and this one is great aswell.
    I just don’t like it’s mana.
    Now you are telling me your playing with suboptimal mana because it’s all for fun and entertainment, which works for me. And I’m still as excited for your next vids as I have always been.

    And could you please tell me what a Krunkenstiler is supposed to be?
    I still wonder :)

  16. eXXa: Correction: my “suboptimal mana” is not meant to be the entertaining part, no no, not at all. The purpose of these videos are to entertain, compliments of the banter, as we ALL take this game a bit too seriously (as you are demonstrating right now). I wanna offer a break in the monotony of “behold my nerdy majesty!” So, and this is to all of you who wane Budde here for naught, chillax and enjoy the pummeling.

    So since you insist on repeating yourself like a kid with a head injury, here’s your Pepsi challenge: post what you would play, since you 1.) take this format more seriously than a first divorce, and 2.) are holding on to this paltry argument like it’s the last krunkenstiler you will ever have! I would think, as there have been numerous comments made against your suggestion, you would reconsider… well, that and my thirty five explanations, including the one in the build video. At this point you’re definitely flirting. How cute; someone has a crush.

  17. Deeds: That’s not a bad idea. With my pseudo-managerial obligations I have scant time to fart up new ideas, but this is a very good one!

  18. I’m didn’t want to say your mana is entertaining. Pardon my bad English there.
    And I am also not saying you should play the deck completely different.
    As far as the spells go I trust you on your judgment and having them seen in action I would only change a single one.

    What I’m saying is: take out like 3 lands and Tithe (played it in my UW Control for some time and hated it).
    Since you included almost all good White/Blue finishers under cc6 I would say: add some more carddraw to actually draw them.
    I’d suggest Deep Analasys, See Beyond (it’s really good), maybe Vendillion Clique as a flexible carddraw/”finisher” and maybe the Venser+Karakas combo, which seems nuts in the deck. Excuse if some of those cards are in already.

    No hard feelings :P

  19. eXXa: Karakas is banned, and for obvious reasons. Clique’s great, and I agree the deck needs more men (which you will see in the next videos, in addition to the excising of Tithe), but it seems a bit meek, all things considered.

    In the next couple of videos I actually take the time to point out an instance (which is very common for the deck) where your philosophy would be entirely worse than ANY land. Hang tight, and you shall see. Remember, I am building this on the spot; improving the deck is the point.

    I have a few basic philosophies for this format:

    1.) I minimize my enters the battlefield tapped lands, esp. in a deck like this. I don’t want to be hoping for land and having to wait an additional turn. This is why no Colonnade, beyond the 5 mana activation, which is entirely unrealistic when you wanna blow up the world.

    2.) I don’t play spells that are only strong in your opener. Artifact mana is very much the epitome of this; who wants a Chrome Mox, Aether Vial, or Vinelasher Kudzu on the regular after your first few draws? Granted, this is a slower format, so Ancestral Visions, something i would never usually want to play in 100CS, has a little more appeal to it. Talismans, etc.= I pay two mana for something I could be playing for free. Someone said it earlier, perhaps you, regarding the high land count ratio to low cost spells: ramp into what? Armageddon is a finesse card, and I have found just setting it up and playing right is far more effective than clunking up my draws with chaff.

    I have more tenets beyond this, but these are the two relevant ones. Now wake up, Mr. Deeds!

    Can we please, for the love of the Lord Above move on to a new query?