If You Build It…: The Sweepah Edit and Game 3 (finally some jajajajuice!)

Pre-Game 3 UPDATE!

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Finally, Game 3!

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  1. Just wondering, how many games are you planning on doing with this particular deck? I like creature additions.

    what happens when you replay your arbiter after it gets exiled by the duplicant…did he just do nothing with his 6 mana card?

    you tapped wrong on the turn you time twistered, you should have played signet first and then would have been able to top with a land after.

    taxman’s got all the answers!!

  2. The level of whining in this format is beyond ridiculous.

    Oh well, I enjoyed the video for what it’s worth.

  3. Man the deck has gotten so much better.
    So many obvious cards where missing, but you seem to have gotten em all.
    Also great stories and great (but few) music.

  4. Decent video this time around. The normal level of Travis comedy was not as apparent, but I do think the deck is much better after the changes. Now if only your opponents would quit being such babies.

  5. Actually, Teneb and his bretheren’s abilities, while requiring a mana, are not in fact not activated abilities, they are triggered abilities. key thing to look for: Activated abilities all have the “Cost : Ability” syntax

  6. Your lady friend’s roommate was secretly attempting a Parkour career and failed.

    We all play a customizable card game, that is littered with kids graduating from Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, so if you can look past the whining when you poop on their day it makes this format a little bearable. I havent played in weeks because I personally have grown tired of Commander and this casual stigma myself honestly.

    The game was about as exciting as a permission deck could be. Nice recovery though, cant really tell when you stabilized(maybe when you topped a Meloku?), as your back was against the wall the whole game really.

    I love the fact that you have a “Geeeeee” sound clip…pretty clutch lol.

    Well goodbye commander and here’s to 100 card singleton!

  7. Kbwhateverthecrap: good call! I asked three old people and they said you were right – one was a gypsy!

    Anzsilly: I feel like your sitting there with an Ipad looking for any mistake upon which to pontificate. If I ever meet you in person, I’m gonna pill the crap out of that turtleneck of yours.

  8. while I really enjoy the videos I think that you should try a non greifer/lockdown deck I would like to see you beat them with their own deck .

  9. Sui: do look at some of my prior videos, particularly last month’s Eldrazil build where I had to duke it out with the big boys like a real human man.