In the Beginning: MTGO Draft Guide

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  1. If you have never played Magic Online before:

    1) Use “Menu”->”Settings”->”Game Play” to set your turn stops. MTGO will pause the game and ask if you want to do something at each stop, or skip all steps you do not have stops and assume you are not interested in them.
    2) Move your arrow over a card and click both buttons at the same time to zoom in to see a card better
    3) Hold the control key down when you click a spell if you want to retain priority after that spell is cast (by default, you will pass priority to your opp when you play spells and abilities.)
    4) Check out the official WotC MTGO New Player Forum at

  2. I think you need to update since they changed the menus for accessing the queues so that now it is all under the limited queues

  3. My noob friends thank you! And i thank you too i suppose because it saves me time doing the explaining.

    I like this part of mtgoacademy and it is the only site doing this kind of content!

  4. And buy boosters from bots and then pay the 2 ticket entry. Cheaper than the 14 ticket entry fee (can enter a M12 draft for ~11 tix).

  5. When is a good time to start drafting?
    I have quite a lot of paper experience, but none with the new cards (played up to ~time spiral), planning on starting anew in the online system.
    Also I have no drafting experience.

  6. Great summary!

    Be sure to do the “New Player” Phantom Drafts with the New Player tickets that now come with accounts. They are a great and fun way to get in to drafting!

    Also, use bots. Never pay $4 per pack. Most currently drafted formats linger between 2.5 and 3.3 tix.

  7. I think it would be very useful if you posted how to save a deck that you created after drafting. I didn’t know how to submit a deck that I built after drafting and had my whole sideboard loaded once the game started. I’m still looking for clear instructions on the process.