Introducing ShufflerDaemon, a New Software Fool! (ft. a GTC Swiss Draft)

MTGO Academy is pleased to introduce you to ShufflerDaemon, the new software tool that interacts with the Magic Online shuffler algorythms to influence players’ (including your opponents’) draws! A.J. and Chris show off the new tool in these draft vids. While we prefer that you watch the videos in order, at least be sure to watch the third video — A.J.’s ShufflerDaemon tutorial — in order to hear about the tool’s inception and functionality, and then watch Chris and A.J. show it off against live opponents from their Swiss draft in the fourth and fifth vids!

You can access the ShufflerDaemon Alpha version by clicking here. Please remember to use our software responsibly by playing fair, and by listening to and reading all necessary instructions. Thanks!

  1. Hey guys, just want to say congrats on finally releasing the tool! I really think this software will bring a whole new level of balance to the MTGO experiance. The fact that such a premium product is being provided for free by mtgoacademy is pretty amazing. I do believe Wizards sees this as a step forward for the MTGO client, and I encourage everyone to use the software for testing purposes (I know I will!). The next level of online magic is here.

  2. Love these april pranks. Offering such a fantastic and pretty aluring ‘tool’ is good start and if it’s based on player’s superstition, it almost equals automatic success of catching someone. Nice!

  3. Bad news, guys. The popularity of the tool has increased, which is good for business but a tiny bit bad for game play. I played in a Modern a DE late last night, and in two of the rounds, I never drew any non-lands before I died! I made sure to have the daemon make my opponents only draw lands, too, but both opponents (in both rounds) had man-lands and I died to Raging Ravines! From now on, if you play online, plan on drawing only lands and just play a ton of manlands. #newShufflerDaemonmetagame

  4. Hahahaha, let’s put a spell on top of his library finaly: Spire Tracer.

    Good old: ROtFL. Literaly.

    Good job guys, you finaly found the real weekeness of the MTGO client – unleash the shuffler!

  5. Good for a few laughs. Thanks for thinking up new stuff to keep us entertained! Wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard that type of phrase or rant “gonna quit this game!”

  6. Popo, you’re in luck! A little teaser: We’re actually working on some software that will let you determine what cards your opponents open in their drafts and sealed events!

    But shhh… don’t tell WotC! I think they’d be so excited about that feature that they’d collectively wet themselves.

  7. Either this is a hoax and you guys are assholes for making people even less confident in MTGO’s software or it is real and you guys really, really are gigantic tools. Pranks undermine credibility, this is the last of your videos I will ever watch.

  8. Bad4theGame — It seems, by your logic, that we would be BOTH instilling doubt in the MTGO software AND gigantic tools regardless of whether it were a hoax. So what I’m trying to say is that we’re not the tools here.

    ShufflerDaemon is.

  9. I’m so mad too, what a lame-o tool. I stayed for the good advice though, I learned about a new $.75 rare

  10. Oh, and another thing! How could this be a hoax? — Do you really believe we just kept recording (millions of) drafts until we got lucky enough to match up against two opponents in a row who coincidentally drew cards and made play decisions that corresponded to our ShufflerDaemon inputs!?

    Or, what’s even more far-fetched!: Do you think we could’ve possibly rebuilt our draft deck after recording the initial two videos and then piloted it in the Anything Goes room against someone — I dunno, maybe me? — who was playing plausible GTC draft decks stacked for different amounts of lands and spells? And then this fake opponent would’ve somehow been aware of what was going on from Chris’s and my perspectives (because he was me?) while we were recording and commentating and even made game play decisions to fit how we were using ‘new software’ — which, by the way, is composed entirely of a text box and two links on three webpages?? Preposterous!

    Long live ShufflerDaemon!

  11. I think this works perfectly with the ” grind”- mechanic.

    1. Put all lands to the bottom.
    2. Grind
    3. Profit ?

    I liked the videos. ;-)

  12. Oh my…No planetwalls, i don’t think you were recording a ton of drafts til you finally get mana-screwed opponent. I think, that you just ask two your friends for a favor: “Please…please…will you sandbag a few lands for a while? Thank you. Oh and you…dont play any spell in this game… please… do it for me…it will be a great April fool. And by the way…a little bit of complaing to the academy chat will be great addition…thanks. Good boy.

    How simple, Watson…

  13. Let’s just say that playing a match against yourself while typing from one perspective and talking into the mic from another is a challenge I hope I never have to face… (again?).

  14. well xMiMx… April first is actually my birthday so i am taking these things really seriously. But as I said before – it’s a great april fool, I appreciate that.

  15. Hi.
    Since this tool exists I feel kind of punk’d. In all those drafts I picked up barely any lands until I was most certainly dead. Maybe I feel just betrayed because I know about this tool, but it became quite noticable.
    My question is: Is there any way to figure out who and when someone has used the tool to “betray” me?
    I would really love to know that, just to distinguish if it’s my paranoia or someone else being a d***.

  16. No, I did not read the stuff above… I guess I’ll go into a corner and feel ashamed… Nevermind! :D

  17. I will tell Wizards about this. This is totally unfair! The only option should be to make draws truly random! Imagine doing this in a PTQ…

    Howerver, MTGOAcademy does have the power to maybe monitor the “tool”‘s usage because it must be connected to an MTGOacademy account…

  18. I am a new beginner in the MtgO and was shopping different bots to buy cards from. I did buy from you guys once now. Because of your willingness to post this, joke or not, I will never return again to your site. The audacity to even take this level of self importance to make such a ‘joke’ on our behalf is unforgivable. Your loss.

  19. @tacomachuk: Dude, seriously? Are you getting a fit over an April’s Fool joke that is nearly two years old?! The idea was nothing short of genious and the only people that could possibly react in such a way are those that hoped to abuse it and failed….
    Sorry, but I think you need to tune your “humormeter” a bit.