Journey into Nyx Visual Spoiler (Complete)

Aegis of the Gods Ajani's Presence

Akroan Mastiff Armament of Nyx

Banishing Light Dawnbringer Charioteers

Deicide Dictate of Heliod

Eagle of the Watch Eidolon of Rhetoric

Font of Vigor Godsend

Harvestguard Alseids Lagonna-Band Trailblazer

Launch the Fleet Leonin Iconoclast

Mortal Obstinacy Nyx-Fleece Ram

Oppressive Rays Oreskos Swiftclaw

Phalanx Formation Quarry Colossus

Reprisal Sightless Brawler

Skybind Skyspear Cavalry

Stonewise Fortifier Supply-Line Cranes

Tethmos High Priest Aerial Formation

Battlefield Thaumaturge Cloaked Siren

Countermand Crystalline Nautilus

Dakra Mystic Daring Thief

Dictate of Kruphix Font of Fortunes

Godhunter Octopus Hour of Need

Hubris Hypnotic Siren

Interpret the Signs Kiora's Dismissal

Pin to the Earth Polymorphous Rush

Pull from the Deep Riptide Chimera

Rise of Eagles Sage of Hours

Scourge of Fleets Sigiled Starfish

Thassa's Devourer Thassa's Ire

Triton Cavalry Triton Shorestalker

War-Wing Siren Whitewater Naiads

Agent of Erebos Aspect of Gorgon

Bloodcrazed Hoplite Brain Maggot

Cast into Darkness Cruel Feeding

Dictate of Erebos Doomwake Giant

Dreadbringer Lampads Extinguish All Hope

Feast of Dreams Felhide Petrifier

Font of Return Gnarled Scarhide

Grim Guardian King Macar, the Gold-Cursed

Master of the Feast Nightmarish End

Nyx Infusion Pharika's Chosen

Returned Reveler Ritual of the Returned

Rotted Hulk Silence the Believers

Spiteful Blow Squelching Leeches

Thoughtrender Lamia Tormented Thoughts

Worst Fears Akroan Line Breaker

Bearer of the Heavens Bladetusk Boar

Blinding Flare Cyclops of Eternal Fury

Dictate of the Twin Gods Eidolon of the Great Revel

Flamespeaker's Will Flurry of Horns

Font of Ire Forgeborn Oreads

Gluttonous Cyclops Harness by Force

Knowledge and Power Lightning Diadem

Magma Spray Mogis's Warhound

Pensive Minotaur Prophetic Flamespeaker

Riddle of Lightning Rollick of Abandon

Rouse the Mob Satyr Hoplite

Sigiled Skink Spawn of Thraxes

Spite of Mogis Starfall

Twinflame Wildfire Cerberus

Bassara Tower Archer Colossal Heroics

Consign to Dust Desecration Plague

Dictate of Karametra Eidolon of Blossoms

Font of Fertility Golden Hind

Goldenhide Ox Heroes' Bane

Humbler of Mortals Hydra Broodmaster

Kruphix's Insight Market Festival

Nature's Panoply Nessian Game Warden

Oakheart Dryads Pheres-Band Thunderhoof

Pheres-Band Warchief Ravenous Leucrocota

Renowned Weaver Reviving Melody

Satyr Grovedancer Setessan Tactics

Solidarity of Heroes Spirespine

Strength from the Fallen Swarmborn Giant

Ajani, Mentor of Heroes Athreos, God of Passage

Desperate Stand Disciple of Deceit

Fleetfeather Cockatrice Iroas, God of Victory

Keranos, God of Storms Kruphix, God of Horizons

Nyx Weaver Pharika, God of Affliction

Revel of the Fallen God Stormchaser Chimera

Underworld Coinsmith Armory of Iroas

Chariot of Victory Deserter's Quarters

Gold-Forged Sentinel Hall of Triumph

Mana Confluence Temple of Epiphany

Temple of Malady

  1. Sigiled starfish is a looter that blocks, an auto include in any blue control without wraths.

  2. I can’t wait to put Iroas into my Aurelia Commander deck, and Extinguish into standard BG Dredge.

  3. Okay, Godsend looks sweet. I wonder if there will be other colored ‘swords’.

  4. Answering anonymous about other “colored swords,” since that is Elspeth’s weapon, I don’t think there would be a full cycle of these. The mono-colored gods all got their weapons in Theros, but the multi-colored gods went weaponless in BTG. Also that sword is mythic, so I think it will be the only one!

    Glad to see GW getting the love with Ajani!

  5. OK, Ajani’s ultimate is just a joke or something right? He’s the best draft planeswalker I think there’s been in this set, he’s got good utility for any deck with creatures, either pump the ones you’ve got, or go looking for more.

    Or, you know, eventually gain 100 life for some reason.

  6. Why are these enchantment creatures with limited abilities uncommon? Not sure they are that great, but I’m curious if anyone can explain.

  7. Keranos looks crazy – indestructible card advantage and removal engine all in one. Seems like a nice cuve topper for a UWR shell and a complete house in limited.

  8. I wonder what some Magic players are thinking when they say gaining 100 life is no good. The whole game is based on life totals, except for infect and mill strategies, one of which isnt in standard and the other is rarely played. How is gaining 100 life not good? It means you pretty much get a bunch of free turns unless your opponent can deal tons of damage per turn. This isnt to say he will be played for that ability, but it is powerful. This is the best planeswalker to come out in a while.

  9. Ajani, Greenpants is interesting. He doesn’t drop anything directly to defend himself which is a count against him. He does start on four which makes him more resistant to burn. He’d be a good superfriend since he can repeatedly Impulse for other planeswalkers. Insane life gain is nice, but as an ultimate not as relevant. Seems solid, but should be for the price. He’s just not a big game changer alone.

  10. Being a planeswalker automatically makes something a potentially powerful card, just in virtue of the advantage it gives you each turn and the fact that it has to be removed (most often) by creatures attacks. I guess I feel like the new Ajani, the recent Domri, and the recent Ashiok are all great examples of exactly how powerful planeswalkers should be.

  11. On the subject of the uncommon bestow cycle: I think they’re uncommon because R&D understands how limited works rather well. Their rarity likely means that they think it’s best if those cards aren’t seen a whole lot, but often enough that drafters will consider their presence when playing (provided they see play, of course).

  12. I can’t figure out what deck wants Eidolon of the Great Revel. At RR it’s clearly for heavy red decks, which specialize in speed and low drops. People keep telling me it’s for Modern or Legacy burn, but I can’t figure out how it’s not just terrible in those decks…

    Kruphix seems good though. Exactly how long does the mana float? People keep talking about it like it floats forever, but that seems too good.

  13. Deathjavu, the way the card reads to me, that mana does float forever – from phase to phase to phase to phase indefinitely (stupid MTGO warning trigger) until you use it. I am sure this can be quite broken in certain formats (don’t play much standard, legacy, modern, commander, etc. myself), but in limited it doesn’t seem that great. By the time you drop this at 5 mana, you are not much far away anyway from your few 6s and 7s that you would be playing, and it would still take an additional 2 turns to use this floating mana that way. As a fan of Simic, I am a bit disappointed in this one for limited purposes primarily.

  14. “The whole game is based on life totals, except for infect and mill strategies, one of which isnt in standard and the other is rarely played. How is gaining 100 life not good? ”
    Sure mill is not a strategy, never played a game in limited that finished because someone had no cards in their library? It happens from time to time.
    I played a game were both player had whip of erebos, so every creature had lifelink. So who wins?
    100 life gain is not a fun ultimate! Most players want to win, after triggering an ultimate of a plainswalker. The other two +1 abilities are great, so don’t worry in a normal W/G Deck you should win with Ajani..
    @frizzell66 The mana floating is very good, because nobody use every turn all mana. And adding 1-2 mana extra a turn is enough to get to a 6,7,8 drop! With green there should be enough monsters to do something with many mana. I think 4/7 is a bit weird, because green normally has big creatures. And blue also has big krakken/seamonsters…

  15. frizzel66 – the floating extra mana is a pretty nice thing, even in limited.The fact that you generally will have extra mana in your later turns means you’ll be able to ramp up into gross monsters pretty easily – even multiple big threats/spells.

  16. At a five drop Kruphix seems to balance a little. He’s a kind of fixed Omnath, Locus of Mana. He doesn’t make himself out of hand, he has a nice small bonus in the no Maximum hand size but I don’t see a spoiler in for massive card draw yet. No Sphinx’s Rev, Blue Sun’s Zenith, ect. to break him too badly. At the same time, he and his prophet with the untap on opponent’s turn allows for a massive buildup of colorless (even if they are the same CMC.) Maybe this will be what makes the Astral Cornucopia more lotus like and playable…

  17. @deathjavu- I can’t figure out what deck wants Eidolon of the Great Revel. At RR it’s clearly for heavy red decks, which specialize in speed and low drops. People keep telling me it’s for Modern or Legacy burn, but I can’t figure out how it’s not just terrible in those decks…

    I completely agree. this is supposed to be some kind of anti-burn/aggro card, but red is all about the aggro and the burn. This card makes no sense in red unless it ends up in a boros deck with lifegain, which would just be awkward.

  18. @Neil- I agree that in a vacuum EGR doesn’t seem to be that strong, but I think it has a good design for a build-around card. I am not going to pretend to know magic well enough to say how viable this will be in format x or y (Though I will be surprised if it is highly picked in limited), but in red the effect of shocking yourself to shock your opponent has in the past often been quite good.

    As people have pointed out elsewhere, you have the same effect on the card “Pyrostatic Pillar”, and going of that, people in the older formats could combo this with “Sphere of Law” or “Circle of Protection: Red” to negate the damage. Aether Vile could also do some work in a creature-sentric deck.

    In standard, the easiest way to mitigate the drawbacks of selfshock and two red pips would probably be to run this in the red devotion deck that goes big with Nykthos.

    Again, I don’t know how viable this card is in that deck, and I would not be surprised if EGR doesn’t see much play.

    Lots of cool spoilers so far, Ajani seems good, provided your not to far behind on board when you play it. The ultimate seems decent, it can’t win you the game on its own like Kiora or Elspeth, but its gonna make most games an impossible slog for your opponent. It is also of course a lot more fun if you have a sanguine bond in play.

  19. Bestow uncommon creatures are incredibly strong, because they gives you many options, you can cast them as a normal creature, you can put them on your creature, but the most powerful thing is to put them on your opponents creatures, remember that when the creature die, the enchantment creature come back to you.

  20. @Marc
    Wow that’s interesting. I hadn’t considered that you could bestow on an opponents creature.

  21. Launch the Fleet – very cheap multiple heroic trigger and doubles the size of your army (at least in terms of attackers). Fairly nice finisher? Of course it could be a dead pick in P1, which is when you will open it in JBT isn’t it?

  22. Pheres Clan Warchief
    Creature – Centaur Warrior
    Vigilance, trample
    Other centaur creatures you control get +1/+1 and have vigilance and trample

    Ritual of the Returned
    Exile target creature card from your graveyard. Put a black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield with power equal to the exiled card’s power and toughness equal to the exiled card’s toughness.

  23. The Pheres Band Warchief is weird in that it will probably always be the smallest centaur you have (all other centaurs in the format are at least 3/3s, and with this pump they get to be 4/4s….)

    I actually really like Ritual of the Returned in the BG deck. It being an instant gives so much potential for blowouts that it more than compensates for the card being institutional. In other color combinations, those that don’t have access to commune with the gods and satyr wayfinder, I like the card far less.

  24. Riddle of Lightning – RR3 (uncommon)
    Choose target creature or player. Scry 3, then reveal the top card of your library. Riddle of Lightning deals damage equal to that card’s converted mana cost to that creature or player.

    Riptide Chimera – U2 (uncommon)
    Enchantment Creature – Chimera
    At the beginning of your upkeep, return an enchantment you control to its owner’s hand.

  25. Will Battlefield Thaumaturge affect Strive costs? ie, Launch the Fleet costing W and then 0 for each additional target?

  26. Ricky, according to Gavin Verhey’s article on the card at it will effect Strive costs.

  27. nope, notion thief happens only during opponent’s turn, while the master is at the start of _your_ upkeep :(

  28. Notion Thief works, it cancels all draws except first one during their draw steps.

  29. Strength of the Fallen – G1 (Uncommon)
    Constellation — Whenever Strength of the Fallen or another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, target creature gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is equal to the number of creature cards in your graveyard.

  30. @notion thief: my bad, the phrasing was strange and I got it wrong :)

    Some nice cards all in all ^^ Wondering about the impact of deicide on decks like mono-U devo.

  31. Wow – Reprisal is just Vanquish the Foul at instant speed, for four less mana, and has “can’t be regenerated” instead of “Scry 1.” Suddenly, that card is amazing!

  32. Kiora’s Dismissal looks like a Real Limited Powerhouse! Its and Instant Speed Sea God’s Revenge, 2 Turns faster! How many games did Sea gods Revenge Steal?