Keeping it Casual: EDH Bad Romance Dragons

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  1. Nice article/video. I like the setup where a video decktech and game is supported by written information and a decklist. Dragons are a big favorite of many casual players and this will hopefully give some incentives to try out a new format for some of them.

  2. I like Karrthus. My only problem with your build is I don’t believe it plays enough mana sources. 37 lands with about 8 mana accel doesn’t seem consistent enough to me.

  3. So far i havent had any issues mana-wise. 37 is on the lighter side i think but im also a slightly riskier player. I just finished building an Intet, the Dreamer deck today which runs 40 lands and about 5ish mana sources and honestly it could probably drop a land. A lot of the numbers in correct land counts for Commander depends on risk/reward and what you can play comfortably with.

  4. As far as the Teeg deck, it’s my favorite as far as flavorwise and some of the cards in it. Unfortunately its also possibly the worst though I think it could be fun to use a deck like that. The Teeg deck is my second most recent deck, so it is still very very fresh and probably needs a lot of tweaking.