Kool Ideas: Low Standards

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  1. I don’t think Vampires are a deck, the tools are just not there.

    Allies I do look forward to seeing. I wonder if they can make it. Proliferate definitely seems like it will work very well with all the +1/+1 counter allies. Would be cool if an Ally deck ‘got there’.

  2. A deck with four Ornithopters and four Memnites would make me a pretty happy guy. That reminds me of a casual deck I built in 1996 with four Ornithopters, four Roterothopters, and four Brass Mans (it used Tetravus, too). That deck used Infinite Hourglass, since we didn’t have anything like Beastmaster Ascension that was actually, like, good.

  3. Per the black vampire deck, without a vampire lord, you are just better off playing a good stuff black deck over a “vampire” deck. Grave titan is to good to not be in there. Between skinrender, doom blade, and grasp of darkness (which is far better than smother), you can maintain some board state even against fast aggro. Grasp is nowhere near as good as agony warp was, but it may be enough and it is mono black. Bloodwitch isn’t good enough against non-white to be a 4 of. It is probably a sideboard card at best. Bloodghast just isn’t that good either with wall of omens and the Vengevine hate in the sideboards. Now throw in Nocturnis, and the cards were really good. Without a good lord though, their power level just isn’t high enough.

    I have been playing UB for a long time now, and Scars has added some really good cards. The loss of agony warp is tough, and I really have to see how I will do against RDW without it, but it can be good. I haven’t written Carnifex demon off yet either, especially in a control style UB where you won’t have a lot of your own creatures on board to eat the counters as well. I think it is better than Persecutor, because dedicating an extra 4-6 cards to remove him ( after the 4 gatekeepers) was just to many. Ratchet bomb can help against planeswalkers and eldrazi monument. You are probably still stuck running into the roil for now, but maybe ratchet bomb or volition reins can get there. I hope I don’t have to resort to going to white just so I can exile artifacts and enchantments, but it may come to that.

  4. suggestion – Demon of Death’s Gate seems pretty unbeatable in a weenie Vampires list against ramp & midrange strategies (assuming “cheated” in turn 2-3).