Kool Runnings: Casual MTGO Cubing

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  1. After drafting this a few times, I want to (1) add more hybrid, (2) balance the colors with cards like Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Gavony Township in their proper places, (3) reduce some of the black removal, (4) add more cards to deal with utility creatures and (5) reduce some chaff for role-fillers and spells.

    We did two 4-mans, the first was “mono” black (splashing a few red cards) losing to black-green midrange (mostly to mana issues in games 2 and 3). The second two man featured mono blue with a strong enchantment and proliferate theme beating elves splashing white and black-white control.

  2. Yo yo! I played Kool’s cube whilst in his blonde company, alongside Aj and Mr. Minker planet drinker. We got into a horrible argument about the (im)balance of a few colors, but, on the whole, it was pretty fun.

    I will say that the inclusion of cards because they are “funny” is a waste to me. I would rather not have them at all, as they just make the good cards in the pool better by comparison. Red, surprisingly, is by far the deepest and most ferocious color in this particular cube; the goblin synergy is damn-near constructed–as though the guts of a red deck wins was just shuffled into the mix. I would def dilute/bring up the comparative power levels of each color so it isn’t so lopsided.

    Other than that, the whole aura thing didn’t really work the way I was hoping. I think I would relegate those mostly to their respective colors (G/W), with a smattering in each other.

    The counter/proliferate is a blast in this cube. Most fun part for sure.

    Good job, Kool!