1. I was literally screaming at the screen in R3G2 : please read the FULL text of the cards when playing Momir!!! The reason why he couldn’t sacrifice the sledder is that the Angel of Jubilation prevents players from sacrificing creatures to activate abilities!

  2. That wasn’t a bug with the Goblin Sledder in Round 3. Angel of Jubiliation prevents all players from sacrificing creatures to cast spells or activate abilities

  3. i dont like your land mix. i use 18 mountain, 15 swamp, 9 island, 9 forest, 9 plains.i think its better.

  4. Thanks for putting up the Momir videos. I actually play at least one of the 4 weekend Momir tournaments – it is always nice to go 3-1 and get 6 packs of the current format.

    When video-ing Momir games, slow down with the mouse movements. When a new creature hits the battlefield, hover over it for the 2-4 seconds we need to read the card. The separate card window is also nice, but only if you sit on the cards for a bit to let them pop up. This is the same reason I had to stop watching Travis Woo’s streams cause he is so manic with his mouse movements and the card flickering – gives me a headache.

    Thanks again for all the great content. Don’t forget everyone – use MTGOAcademy bots for all your MTGO card buying and selling – they are my first stop after every tournament and draft!