Let’s Play Magic Online: Two VMA Drafts!

Even failure can be instructive, but when it comes to Vintage Masters, does failing a lot mean learning a lot more? Find out with Chris and A.J.

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  1. So sad to see this so early in the format – what was up with Soltari Troopers wheeling! I am color blind to VMA anymore – I can only see White and Red!

  2. Astral Slide is really good…. But with the Pianna you aren’t really sending a signal…. the Man-o-War was probably right but man… Astral Slide wins many games.

  3. Thopter squadron is very bad in this format. You’ll never get more than 3power out of it and you’ll almost never want to use his ability since it’s at sorcery speed. It was a shame to watch you guys drool over it. Also, white was wide open from the beginning. You guys could have had the crazy white weenie deck with a million shadow, battle screech, and multiple pianna. I also feel that elephant guide would have been nuts here. It’s godly on a mongrel or brindle. Oh well.

  4. This is not a professional drafting team. Chris needs to man the helm of these things and Wallis needs to work on his self-destructive passive aggressive impulsive streak. Always a shame to see you rare chase and overcommit to colors way before you have to.