Let’s Play MTGO Cube Draft! (8-4)

Chris and A.J. decide to draft single elimination Cube and run into some seriously salty opponents (matched only by A.J.’s salt-factor). Can they win all their matches by skipping their first turn to reanimate fat, or will they fly too close to the sun and lose it all?

  1. Do not play cube. It should be boycotted due to its awful prize structure. This makes you loook like quite the sheep.

  2. I hope Simon watches this to see how to frame a calm, educational draft. Like important dealing with grumps social skills.

    That was extremely entertaining! Thanks guys. And Happy Birthday!

  3. Play cube. I click on cube videos more than any other kind. I am your audience, not Kezzerdrix! :)

  4. You should have played super slow when that guy complained about you playing slow. Cool vids, very one sided.

  5. Seriously, can you guys do some more of these tag-team videos? This is one of the most entertaining things I’ve watched on the site in a long time! Great work!

  6. Epic!
    This hit the spot guys!
    Good to see you two do a video again!
    haha, that’s a “my-yr” too…