Let’s Play MTGO Cube Draft! (8-4)

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  1. Do not play cube. It should be boycotted due to its awful prize structure. This makes you loook like quite the sheep.

  2. I hope Simon watches this to see how to frame a calm, educational draft. Like important dealing with grumps social skills.

    That was extremely entertaining! Thanks guys. And Happy Birthday!

  3. Play cube. I click on cube videos more than any other kind. I am your audience, not Kezzerdrix! :)

  4. You should have played super slow when that guy complained about you playing slow. Cool vids, very one sided.

  5. Seriously, can you guys do some more of these tag-team videos? This is one of the most entertaining things I’ve watched on the site in a long time! Great work!

  6. Epic!
    This hit the spot guys!
    Good to see you two do a video again!
    haha, that’s a “my-yr” too…