Limited Resources: DGR Draft #1

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  1. Dang. It looks like his deck in G1 was just his entire draft :( Thats a shame.

  2. Alcaste, that’s not correct. Since his opponent conceded so quickly, Marshall just wanted to show off a round of Modern constructed in Round 1 to provide more content. He continues the draft after.

    EDIT: Oops, I’m sorry. The fellow below me is correct, as is the one above. I misread the above comment!

  3. PlanetWalls, how is that not correct? look at the G1 opponet’s deck size.

  4. Villain game one didn’t submit a deck :( its a pretty common way to get a refund in a draft gone terribly wrong….and you keep the cards you drafted.

  5. I think it would be more the case of double queing (sp?). Did you see how much he was delaying even when he showed up? Marshall paused several times as he was waiting for the guy to start. The other player probably forgot to submit his deck at the end of deck building, so went with his whole draft contents. Only when he stopped to focus on the start of the game with Marshall did he realize his mistake.

    Great vids as always Marshall – I actually prefer to see you and Simon playing when you are stuck on mana or in other tight situations – help us see the “optimum” game play and thinking of strategy. Most of us just rage and fume and fuss when the land goes against us and we can’t think straight to make the right plays that would get us back into the game. Just about anyone can lay down 1 2 3 4 5 and win when the curve is great. Just about any guild can have an explosive start when you hit the curve right on – I love Simic the best for that. But the best game play happens when you draw and have to play off curve. That is when the cream rises to the top (and unfortunately I am not in that cream – I bomb out most of my game 1′s because of mana issues and such – that’s why I stick with Swiss for now).

  6. I love it, so many players are running greedy four and five color decks, grabbing early guildgates and you go two color aggro. Makes sense, This is still 2/3rds an aggro block. I’ve had a lot of success with Naya decks running Gruul War Chant and Trostani’s Summoners as the finishers. Seems like a streamlined deck will still win, despite the walls of 2/4s.

  7. Very good deck. Overall well played/drafted but a few comments. I think the 1-land mull to 6 is a snap keep M3G3. It didnt seem like you really considered it, but if you draw mountain in 2 draw steps, you are in excellent shape to win, and plains in 2 draw steps is still not bad. Even if you miss on lands a bit, I still think you have a solid chance to come back using medic+lifelink. It really comes down to is it better than a random 5, and here I think the answer is yes. At the GTC prerelease I actually kept a nearly identical 5 land hand with 0 lands on the draw and won (after whiffing my first land drop)/

    Other than that: the swine over veteran pick seems questionable. It didnt end up mattering, but in a deck with that much haste I think veteran is solid, and the increase in power level doesnt seem worth it. There is also a very minor signalling advantage, and the fact you cut boros so hard p1 means you should get lots of boros stuff.

    Also, while going 3 colors may seem to net you more ‘playables’ its not quite that simple, as splashing green makes it much harder to cast CC spells like frostburn weird,

    That was a pretty long wall of text, but the short story is I think if you cut boros that hard pack 1 and dont pick up gates (and open an on-color bomb p2), going all in on the aggressive guild seems worth it.

  8. That modern g2 was great :-) Kinda hope your opponents start conceding like that, just to see more modern content ;-)

  9. Hey Marshall, could you please flop ONE more time on Vassal Soul vs Shred-Freak?!

  10. Great content as usual. I think that “Modern Resources” would have a lot of viewers/listeners ;)

  11. Your first round opponent had a 80 card deck, that’s why he scooped the match.

  12. Hey marshall,

    Pick 25 you cut a shambleshark instead of taking a mark for death.

    I think the mark would have been a good option in your finished deck as a finisher.

  13. Too bad you were not honest about your first pick; you just went for the money, then say so ! Green is by far the worst color in DGM, and voice in limited is just a normal twodrop; the black gatekeeper is a far better first pick.

  14. Deck was amazing, sucks you didn’t draw well. Only pick I really disagreed with was explosive impact over frost burn weird, but I see your reasoning and kinda agree in retrospect. You wanted to be tapping out- not pumping frosty.

    One minor play critique: in M2G2, on turn 4 you attack into corpse blockade with syndic and medic. After combat you finished off the blockade with massive raid, which just seems like negative tempo on your part. Playing warmind instead gives you battalion next turn, blockade isn’t killing anything with only 1 power (plus you have medic), and raid is only getting better for you. If you play war mind and then hit a land the following turn, you can play elite and have raid for 4, allowing you to kill blockade before an attack. Surprised you wanted to waste an attack and a burn spell on something that wasn’t stopping you from attacking when you could just play more dudes instead.

  15. “Corpse Blockade can get deathtouch.”

    I realize that. Marshall had a Frontline Medic in play, though, and enough attackers to trigger battalion.

  16. Definitely agree with MrPhysics about the hand in M3G3, since you had 2 2-drops and a 1-drop that you can cast so any land and you’re in a really good position. I thought that it was a much better keep than the hand in M3G1 so I figured you would at least consider it. I’m curious what you were considering that pushed you to mulligan?
    Great content as always, loved the modern match as well :) I also really liked seeing how you played to your outs in those games where you were mana-screwed, definitely helped me see plays I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise!

  17. Loved the deck, really aggressive. I do like watching gruul play more than boros so I’m sad you went all in on aggro but it was an incredible deck! Too bad you got seriously screwed that whole third match, you would have won it all.

    @Anon above me: I guess it was just that one-landers are hard to keep in that format.

  18. I agree with keeping the 6 cards 1 lander. In about 66% of the cases you will be able to cast your 3rd creature in turn 3.

  19. I think Guttersnipe is better than Lobber Crew for your deck – not just because of the instants-and-sorceries angle, which might occasionally be relevant, but mostly just because it can turn sideways – you have a deep stack of Battalion cards in your deck, and I think the slim chance that Guttersnipe enables that is probably better when deciding between two cards you’ll try not to run anyway.

  20. @Alcaste19 @PlanetWalls @Chillie @ Nil Yeah, he must have had issues submitting his deck and didn’t feel like playing it out :(

    @Frizzell66 Thanks for the comments, appreciate it. One of my strengths is that I don’t get tilted easily, and even when I do, it’s not too bad. I wish I could play as well technically as Simon, but I am working o it :)

    @Rocky17 Yeah it’s weird, I really thought the 2/4s would halt the proceedings when it came to bear-based aggro decks. From my experience, it hasn’t been the case at all. Aggro lives! (And I’m happy to run it)

    @MrPhysics I am not able to look at the mulligan decision where I am right now, but I have to question that it’s a “snap keep” if you have to use a full paragraph of text to justify it :) I mean, it’s clearly a close decision, and I decided one direction of the close decision for whatever reason.

    I like Swing over Veteren by a fair margin. It’s not as simple as outright power level—the flexibility a swine offers is a huge deal.

    Appreciate the feedback either way :)

    @Mamut3D Ha, that was a pretty good one, I’ll admit. I play a lot of constructed on MTGO, but don’t really have the outlet for videos currently. I’ll try to pepper them in here and there though.

    @Anonymous yes(?) 0_0

    @clast_two Thanks. Maybe it’s something I should look into?

    @apricio Normally I would agree, but I really dislike Mark for Death, and Shambleshark is a really great two-drop in the right deck. The chances I run Mark for Death are very low, the chances I see Shambleshark are also low. Close call.

    @knx Huh??? You are crazy man! Voice is NOT just a normal two drop and green is NOT the worst color. I have no clue where you came up with these claims shah. I did pick it for the money though, I wasn’t hiding that. (I would take it over the black gatekeeper even if it wasn’t worth money though)

    @vis yeah I think that in general Frostburn Weird is a good bit better than Impact. I wanted it for this deck for the reasons I stated, but it’s still very close.

    If things go how I want them to, then I would agree with your play. If he removes guys though it can get shaky. I took a more aggressive line, and I’m not sure if sitting back would be better or not to be honest.

    @anonymous Thanks! I’ll look back at the mulligan decision (I am on bad internet at a cafe right now). You guys may well be right.

    @cartwhellnurd I loved it too. I’d run that deck every time if they let me :)

    @wolf Yeah I really need to look at that hand again, though 1-landers are pretty sketchy.

    @steveS interesting. I hadn’t considered that. I think that Lobber Crew is very good (and better than Snipe in most cases) but your claims are true and battalion was important for my deck. It’s close either way.

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