Limited Resources: Fall INN Draft #1

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  1. Playing Altar’s Reap in response to Village Cannibals is certainly fine – but why would you sack Selfless Cathar instead of Doomed Traveller?

  2. MINDSHRIEKER! That card could win games on it’s own while adding a nice and exciting random element to racing math.

  3. Marshall, I’m disappointed in you. There is an implicit social contract that when you draft INN you’re supposed to hate Travel Preparations if your not drafting a bomb. I was kind of hoping you would face a G/W deck to see if there was any karmic justice.

  4. Hatedrafting is a horrible strategy. Boycott the post made by trevor is it dead incorrect and he should feel bad.

  5. BW Human sacrifice was a fun deck. Never was able to work it in draft this week, too often in Burning Vengeance, GW Preps, and Spider Spawning. I strangely missed DKA. Though the common runs were notably meh, the uncommons really stirred things up, from the tribal lords to the cards that made B human sacrifice a real thing. Triple INN is fun, thanks for doing this one.

  6. R2G1 when you blocked with Traveler you could have sacked it for value. I know it’s just 1 life point but every point counts.

  7. How do you view older videos? The main page with Limited Resources videos only goes to Magic 2015 draft # 5.