Limited Resources: Holiday Cube #1

“I have had a holiday, and I’d like to take it up professionally.” – Kylie Minogue

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  1. Mono red was as wide open as I’ve ever seen it. However, I understand if Marshall would want to draft something more interesting for his viewers.

  2. I stopped watching after Oona’s Prowler > Bloodstained Mire followed by Tamiyo > Strip Mine. Smh.

  3. I stopped watching even before it began since it is cube and it should be boycotted.

    Sheep will be sheep.

    Baaaaaa. Baaaaaa

  4. @kezzerdrix

    What dont you understand about playing the cube for fun? Marshall clearly states that he doesnt rock the cube for packs or anything like that. He pays to have good time and that is what most games are about. If it is a conscious decision (and it clearly is) there is nothing sheepish about it.

    And if I could I’d call your bluff and say that you actually do watch the vids.

  5. I started watching as soon as I could since it is cube and cube is fun.

    Haters Gonna Hate.

    Blerg Blarg?

  6. A ‘Kezzerdrix’ is an internet meme. It’s when a troll repeatedly says something directly opposite of the truth. Look it up.

  7. Hey just wondering WHY in game 1 match 1 you kept taking damage from your pain land instead of looking for a duel land with bloodstain mire and you took 1 extra off casting tamiyo by tapping your pain land in game 1 match 1

  8. In R2G1, you could have animated the Mutavault and used Recurring Nightmare to bring back Vendilion Clique. This would have gotten the Sun Titan out of your opponent’s hand.

  9. i didn’t really see anything wrong w/ the tamiyo pick over strip mine. a powerful planeswalker is never a bad thing. i probably would’ve taken the taiga in pack 2 instead of hating the kargan though because it’s fetch-able w/ the mire. i also would’ve taken the coalition relic because it ramps u into consecrated sphinx on turn 4. venser is a great card but with the high density of powerful spells in the 5 and 6 drop slots, i think the relic was the better pick… not to mention it also fixes ur colors >.<

  10. Not sure this was the play, but you had two ways to get out the sphinx on five land in R1G3 — You could have used Treachery to steal the Noble Hierarch then tapped it for mana or you could have turned the metamorph into any one of his mana rocks. Turning on that card draw early and adding 4 power in the air seems a lot better than 3 power in the air and bouncing an extra permanent (especially with few threats on the board).

  11. this draft was just painful to watch. Shadowmage is borderline unplayable in powered cube. Findhorn which is a color commitment over a signet that fixes double the colors if you want it to and is better acceleration to boot? Stopped watching at that point.

  12. Hello Marshall, I’m a big fan and I love to watch your drafts.
    I think the deck was interesting and powerful!
    During the draft I would have picked Hymn to Tourach over Meloku because high cost finishers are enough easely replaceable and Hymn can destroy the opponent’s plan in a while. I would have considered a bit more Bloodghast because it’s an immortal 2 drop and combos with Recurring Nightmare.
    Thanks a lot and keep making nice videos! :-)