Limited Resources: Holiday Cube #2

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  1. Fetchland / dual land interactions are crazy, but you should’ve played the Tundra in place of an island. Arid Mesa can then fetch Tundra, effectively allowing it to fetch three colors (green and red off the Stomping Grounds).

    Sweet looking draft, I’m interested to see how it plays out!

  2. You are good enough to know cards are powerful, but not why they are powerful. At least you noticed the Lion’s Eye Diamond, but with the kind of draw seven shenanigans you were hinting at it has to be a slam over a random counterspell. With so many artifacts, Ruins has to be at least a consideration a few turns before. Mana leak and mulldrifter are good, but for this deck, they were entirely too fair.

  3. “2 Life is less than 3 life….I did the math myself.” Probably one of my favorite quotes.

    Yes round 1 is still private, please share, thanks!

  4. After only watching the draft portion I have to agree with TK and Rocky17 here. Mainly the problem is you take way, waaay too little time pondering your picks. Having excellent storm cards then passing up on the LED (although you were lucky enough to get it back) and later not for a moment considering the Tendrils of Agony is very loose. Not checking for fetch/dual interactions when searching for an additional blue source either was kinda painful to watch…

    Ahwell, I’ll continue watching, I guess…

  5. Normally love your vids and learn a lot from your play. Honestly though, your play this draft was the nut worst. Sweet deck though!

  6. That is the durdliest deck I’ve ever seen you draft… Sloppy play, but fun to watch lol

  7. Marshall, love the fact you tried to draft this kind of deck (too used to Consecrated Sphinx / Cloudskate slams)… Maybe get a sample list from someone and try again sometime.

  8. Thanks for trying a different deck than vendillion clique green stuff Marshall. No consideration for tendrils? Also round 1 is private.

  9. Oh man… this was so painful :( Marshall, you got to spend some time playing combo decks of yore before trying to draft one. It’s really clear you don’t understand the card interactions. Lots of mispicks, lots of misplays make this soo hard to watch. Passing on LED with 3 draw sevens? Picking random white creature over frantic search? Lots of misplays you caught, but there were many others. For instance, you tapped your Tolarian Academy randomly before cracking jar and proceeded to draw into lotus, led, key, signet.

    I do appreciate you jamming TimeTwister p1p1 instead of jitte of strix, but you gotta put some reps in with combo first.

    As aways, thanks for the content!

  10. I almost punched my screen when he passed Tendrils. My wife asked me why I was suddenly yelling. Marshall – you have to redeem yourself. Learn a basic decklist for Storm, and then redeem yourself.

  11. Marshall, did you suddenly become black for this week’s installment? As painful to watch as Barcelona play, or a black guy try to do math. (Or, even worse, call himself “doctor pauper”)

  12. The Tendrils miss was unfortunate, but so was taking Black Lotus over Blightsteel. This deck desperately needed a finisher, and with all the ways to make mana and cycle, I’m surprised you didn’t take an “oops, I win” card. Love your drafts!