Limited Resources: Holiday Power Cube, Winter 2013 #3

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  1. Stopped watching after you took Wheel of Fortune over Shrine of Burning Rage.

    Also, you mentioned Ink-Eyes, but he keeps disappointing me, which is sad because it’s one of my favorite cards. Has it been disappointing you too?

  2. Bloodstained Mire still thins your deck by a card, even if there’s only one type of land to get with it

  3. Thinning by one card out of < 53 isn't always better than losing 5% of your life.

  4. In M1G1, why do you 0: Chandra when she’s at 6, instead of +1ing her, killing the faerie, getting back the Phoenix, playing both creatures, and maybe winning off the ultimate? I think it was a much better chance than your line.

  5. Do not play the disgusting cube. It should be boycotted due to its slimebally prize strcuture. Semms like you never learn.

  6. You almost played some kind of big red deck. You should have started with the black red build, because the black cards are very good. Anyway good draft, keep up the good work!

  7. @eli:

    I’ve been an avid fan of Marshall’s for years. I was just joking with him, because there seems to always be someone who says “I stopped watching after X.”


    Why is it slimebally? I loved the cube prize structure. It means that I drafted for free for 20 drafts, and actually ended up making money on them in the end. They’ll subsidize my Born of the Gods drafting. That seems like a sweet prize structure to me. You just have to use a combination of swiss and single elim drafting in order to make that work, but it’s not that difficult to go infinite in the Holiday Cube queues.

  8. @oraymw “…but it’s not that difficult to go infinite in the Holiday Cube queues”

    Unless you suck at Limited, like me (and maybe kezzertroll). >_<

    Nice draft, Marshall. It looks like you were out to punish broken decks but got 1-uped in the fair department with Obiwongkanobi's favourite draft strategy.

  9. I thought you usually recorded swisses in Cube… I was hoping to see a third round out of this one. Big fan of casually boarding into a completely different deck after game one, always good for a “what the…” out of your opponent.

  10. Hey there,
    really enjoy the series!
    I was kinda sad though seeing you pass that Wasteland early. If you sticked to the mono red ld theme, your deck would have been insane imo. A little splash only for ravages and your opponents have no chance :)

  11. Chandra’s Phoenix has flying, and could come back. Why are you not blocking with it M2G1? The back foot sucks in this game, but it’s better than just losing.

  12. Excellent. So tired of watching everyone draft ramp decks. In fact I want to see someone drafting naya artifact hate.

  13. Hi Marshall,

    I really love your videos and like your style of drafting and playing. This time you got into an archetype which I really loved to play during this cube season. The red black aggressiv deck can be really strong with cards like Bob and Aristocrats. I personally like the red green a little bit more in this cube, because Tin-Street Hooligans and Ancient Grudge can do a lot of work and with moltan rain, Avalanche Riders and some moxes it is a good resource denial deck. Because of consistency I stay monored often. As an aggressiv deck nothing is more worse than having dead cards in the early game. Because of that I pick Fetch- and Duallands very high. You wheel most of the stuff anyways, so you can mostly focus the first pick on fixing.

    P1P2: If you really wantto force MonoRed you could just take Wasteland. It is a really powerfull card in monorot and it also goes well with other decks. But Demonic Tutor is also a very powerfull card, especially with wheel of fortune and in a possible stormdeck.

    P1P6: The Arena is really fine and a great card in a more controlish or stormish deck. Since you are looking like that, your pick is probably fine. But since there were many cards you want from this pack, you mightbe able to wheel something. So I would have taken the Badlands. I goes really well with the Bloodstained Mire and is good in every kind of deck you want to draft.

    P2P2: Ajani is a good card. But your manabase is allready awkward. The legionaire is a fine card to play in a red aggressive deck. It is not stopped so easy and it has a lot of power. But potentially you will just wheel it. So Ajani may be a good pick, otherwise it would just be a Fetchland for the splash. As you sad the pack is bad for us.

    After P2P6: You sad you need to pick some cheap stuff.

    P2P10: May be you did not recognize the legionaire as a red card? As sad above, it is a good two drop. And you sad you need twodrops.

    P3P3: Don’t know why you have no love for dismember. There were many decks where I played it in a monored deck. Just because it is a really cheap removel spell and it can kill things like baneslayer angel and Exalted Angel. So you should be glad to take it. ;-)

    P3P4: This is the reason why I responce to your video. You really need one drops. The satyr is a one drop. And since you passed the boneslplitter allready it is way better than the elder.It may be stopped by a three drop easily, but until than u can 4 – 6 damage. And if you have a way to get through the blocker, e.g. with the chandra, it will do another 2 damage. So in an aggressive strategie it is doing a lot. As you sad before, you need some cheap stuff. Also Sulferi Vortex can get really ugly if you have not many plays before and not a lot burn. And the one drops are really good with the Hellrider.

    P3P5: There was another cheap spell with the Jackel Pup. But I guess you don’t want to be aggressive anymore?

    Without the fixing you are right that a monored deck is way more consistent than the possible decks. That is the reason why I take the fixing really early. But I would have played the dismember, since u have even no burn spell for four thoughness like the Archangel of Thune.

  14. hi marshall
    there are still people here thinking you care … (to read the replies and comment to them)… still laughing with them ?
    It’s like all those thinking they do something by joining the clan… nothing ever happens there, you never answer to a question…

  15. I think you still end up playing Bloodstained Mire in the mono-red deck, simply because you have Grim Lavamancer.

  16. You split the infinitive. You should have written, “You should try stringing coherent sentences together.”

  17. Split infinitives haven’t been a serious grammatical faux pas for decades. Just because they’re impossible in Latin is no reason to pretend they’re bad form in English.

  18. “Also, you mentioned Ink-Eyes, but he keeps disappointing me, which is sad because it’s one of my favorite cards. Has it been disappointing you too?”

    She. Can’t be that much a favorite card of yours, since you somehow missed the gigantic boobs.

    Monored has definitely gotten weaker in the powered cube. The advantage of monored in the old cube was that they could pump out a bunch of damage before the slower decks had time to respond. With Mox, Lotus, Mana Vault, Mana Crypt, Ancient Tomb, etc., slower decks have tons of options to pump out stuff that monored just cannot beat, before monored can put them far enough behind to seal up the game.

    Also, switching to monored as late as halfway through Pack 2 definitely weakened the deck. Between that and the bad matchup, this deck was facing an uphill battle against the round 2 opponent.

  19. Marshall,

    First of all, love your content, keep up the good work!

    As far as this draft, I was a little shocked that you didn’t keep in Sulphuric Vortex against your round two opponent. You knew that he had the angel and you saw the Nighthawk G2. Even though you were a little less aggressive and more controlling, doesn’t that merit adding the Vortex for game 3?

  20. Ok, so in P3(the pick with the Chandra’s Phoenix) we could have taken Bayou and wheeled the Kird Ape. In that case, we’d have our Black splash that randomly makes out Kird Ape better. It would mean going SUPER deep, though.