Limited Resources: Holiday Power Cube, Winter 2013 #4

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  1. Why do you Library on your Turn 3 with a deck with only 2-drops? Especially with Eureka in hand (and planning to cast it)?

    You could just do it in your opponents turn, and next turn (if you still want to Eureka), Eureka one additional permanent.
    If your argument is you want to keep to use Library, you can still to that. You either need to play a spell next turn to drop back to 7 cards, or you can on your opponents turn anyway (because you would need to discard if you do not play anything).

  2. M1G1: You destroyed the Sword with Ulamog because you were worried about his equipping Sky Swallower with it, which would have been impossible because of Shroud. Destroying Master probably would have been better.

  3. Those quotes get me every time…love’em!

    “The best thing about curing cancer*? Becoming famous enough to be worthy of a misquote by Marshall Sutcliffe” -Victor

    *may not have actually happened

  4. Thanks for the content Marshall! Great watching you draft cube – it always leads to fun decks.

    I don’t think users are allowed to comment on here without pointing out a play mistake, so… playing lands when you have 11 or 12 mana on board, your opponent has Sword of Feast and Famine, and you have Library of Alexandria on board seems like a mistake. Luckily it didn’t matter. Congrats on the win!

  5. M2G2 please help me understand something. Why did you tap the mana vault to cast the archmage? You had more than enough lands available to hard cast it. By tapping the mana vault and you drew revelation, you had to pay for mana vault during the upkeep rendering you unable to cast the revelation that turn (and then subsequently your bird got blow up) Had you just used the lands, you could have reved immediately for 7! Would have made a big difference!

    Maybe I am just missing something but i really cannot fathom why did u tap the mana vault when you didnt have to!