Limited Resources: Holiday Power Cube, Winter 2013 #5

Marshall claims that this is the one of the best video series he’s ever recorded. So yeah, Cube it up, mates!

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  1. Seems like your deck was so insane you didn’t even need to play the mana fixing you drafted. I was a bit disappointed you never got to cast that Upheaval… it’s such a sweet card so I love to see it resolve, but I guess you never really needed it either.

  2. so why is the art on a bunch of cards different than the Holiday Power Cube, is this a different cube?

  3. Every time I watch a video from a prolific drafter and see them leave an obvious card in the sideboard, like the Breeding Pool here, I wonder: how often do I do this without realizing it? It’s kind of scary.

  4. (Opponent plays Emrakul)
    “I think we just win here”

  5. @irenicus1a: The art images are on your computer, so many people just replace the files with other files. It’s technically against the terms of service but lots of people have done it and do do it.

  6. Oh that Breeding Pool. Reminds me of the video where LSV drafted Mono Red in Cube and left a Rakdos Cackler sitting in his sideboard for basically the entire draft, only noticing it when he was sideboarding during round 3. And he still just casually won that draft if I remember.

  7. Nice video!
    One line I’d like to discuss: In M1G1 in the beginning, when your opponent is appearantly manascrewed, what do you think about searching up Wake Thrasher, PAY for Deranged Hermit, bash, play Thrasher, then bash some more?
    I mean, what’s your opponent gonna do? This still leaves open the chance of simply drawing Island and play Opposition.
    By not paying Hermit your Squirrels pretty much were useless for a long time, and you basically lowered the pressure on your opponent and gave him lots of draw steps to try to catch up.

  8. This is why Eureka/Show and Tell are not very good. I feel like I win most of the time my opponents cast that card. Oh you have an Emrakul? Well, I have a Sower of Temptation.

  9. Was really hoping to see a big Genesis Wave go off. That would have been sweet. Good games as always!

  10. Watching this just shows me how much better the old art is. Thinking about Power coming later this year with new art is just such a bummer.