Limited Resources: JBT Draft #2

“[R]emarquant que cette vérité, j’appelle las cartes, donc je suis, étoit si ferme et si assurée, que toutes les plus extravagantes suppositions des sceptiques n’étoient pas capables de l’ébranler, je jugeai que je pouvois la recevoir sans scrupule pour le premier principe de la Magie que je cherchois.” –René Descartes

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  1. So, what did we learn about Karametra? I don’t think it outperformed Nyxborn Wolf there.

  2. Going for the Karamatra rather than the boon satyr bestow in the last match certainly cost you the game, I would say.

  3. Nice draft! The deck was pretty fun to watch. Normally I hate Green/White!
    I think Karametra is good enough to be playable, it gives small value, and as a creature it is good.

  4. Karametra crushed one opponent and in the final game would have been fine if he hadn’t run it out instead of building his board and getting in for a ton of damage by bestowing the Boon Satyr. In another game Marshall was also actively running his creatures into blockers (and losing devotion) with Karametra in hand. Seemed like a pretty bad idea to me just to get in 2 more damage against an opponent with a high life total.

  5. I mean, in the first place, Karametra isn’t very good and is very color intensive so it often wheels, which I think should probably have been considered. And I think Nyxborn Wolf or Swordwise Centaur are just drastically more consistent. I’d have taken and played it after it came around, but I don’t think it needed to be first-picked if the sole goal was to try it out.

    As for its value in individual games, it admirably demonstrated itself to be a win-more card, like all the gods are when you’re solely relying on them to become creatures.

  6. Marshall, you keep making me sad when you pass the 4/4 flyer for 6 mana. I’ve won many games with it, because typically the flyers in the block aren’t big enough to block it. Usually one bestow makes it almost unbeatable if they don’t draw good removal.

    Other than that, I loved the deck, it very nice to see the different options you can go drafting this block.

  7. I’m trying to understand what you were going for with the French. It’s close to “I call the cards” (as in “I call myself Steven” or “I call you on the phone”), which would be “j’appelle les cartes”, but I don’t know what that means. “I play cards” would be “je joue aux cartes”.

    Anyway, I’m just picking on your French because it’s fun :) Thanks for the content, I’m a big fan!

  8. The advertising is getting more and more invasive. When it was just the logo and the little tune at the start I thought it was kinda cute. Push it too hard though, and it becomes “Well, maybe I’d not get my cards from there, even if they were the cheapest option, because the hard-sell is pretty gross”. The annotation at the end before the match was officially over felt a bit like a step too far.