Limited Resources: JBT Draft #3

“No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else’s draft.” – H.G. Wells

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  1. I really liked that you managed to cause some mischief and mayham with fated intervention + strength of the fallen ;)

  2. Sometimes it’s ok to play the best card in your hand. You had Fated Intervention and Shipbreaker Kraken in hand, and you decide to play Font of Fortunes instead because “we’re gonna need more gas.”

  3. Man, I love Strength from the Fallen. It is probably my favorite card in the block, and it’s all I ever want to do when I see it in a block draft. Really happy to see Marshall do work with it.

  4. so insane to run War-wing Siren in that build, with only 1 enabler–the Mortal’s Resolve

    should have cut for Divination or anything that’s better than a perma 1/3 Fly

  5. and Meletis Astronomer is terrible here too

    basically your failture to recognize how poor your Heroic cards were, that you are not a Heroic deck at all, is why this was unfun to watch (and was closed)

  6. @rite 3-Mana 1/3 flyer is good enough. 2-Mana 1/3 is also good enough to stop some early damage. The deck is designed to play the long game, so it doesn’t matter if there is no Heroic-Synergy!

    Strength of the fallen is maybe good enough in a green-black build, with some kind of graveyard synergy! 1/1 Mill 4 is not good, with so many good cards, hate this card, because I always mill the wrong cards!

    Thx Marshall for the good videos! I also like it if you try different strategies!
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Any consideration here for just playing a third wayfinder maindeck over your 17th land (probably the 8th island)? You would then have font of fertility, golden hind, and 3 wayfinders as extra mana sources. Not to mention you have nylea’s presence and font of fortunes for things that cantrip early and can help find you land.

    IMO without the third wayfinder, your creature count just isn’t high enough to justify strength from the fallen. Even with it, it’s a bit sketchy. Strength really needs something like Chimera for repeatability or the premium enablers like kruphix’s insight, nyx weaver, or commune with the gods. You want to be triggering it for 8+ a pop, not 2. While it was “sweet” the game you won with fated intervention, you were going to win that one anyhow.

    M2G2 was an example of a game where strength was a total do-nothing and you ended up losing. You were probably dead that game anyhow, but maybe not. You drew some pretty amazing cards that game. It’s hard to say what would have done it, but if you’re looking to durdle in the late-game, you could do worse than pulling rise of the eagles, fated intervention, sudden storm, divination, thassa’s bounty etc. from the deep :P.

  8. I like how you didn’t have to change the famous quote at all this time.

  9. I think siding into crypsis in match 2 could’ve been good. It let’s you get around tap-dog for a turn, which can lead to a blowout (as well as just using it for the regular old fashioned surprise blocker).

    Fun watch :)

  10. Marshall usually tries to be open the first pack, but this time it looks like he forced green/blue. I disagree that those colors are the best combinations, they might have the best bombs, but they have very little for removal. Still, you did very well with the bad draws in the 2nd and 3rd games and lost to very good deck.

  11. Shipbreaker Kraken is amazing but there was also a Sea-God’s Revenge in that back which definitely should have been considered. Your top end was already insane at that point in the draft that the huge tempo swing might be the thing you needed more.