Limited Resources: JBT Draft #5

“We must not allow other people’s Limited perceptions to define us.” – Virginia Satir

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    The LRR crew 3-0′s vintage masters and Marshall loses in R1 of a JBT draft…? What strange alternate universe have I stumbled into?!

  2. In game one at the end when you decided to stay back, you should have attacked. He has to block with the Archetype, which dies and if he blocks the Supply-Line Cranes with his Nemesis of Mortals then he’s going to kill your Supply-Line Cranes. The Rollicker will fall off, giving you a chump blocker for his Nemesis of Mortals and buying you a turn to try to draw your hasty minotaur for the win.

  3. G Arnold..its very easy to catch a glimpse of the comments before we start watching. please stop spoiling.

  4. here are my assessments that i am writing live as i watch the draft:

    1. eagle of the watch was questionable pick but maybe defensible
    2. first oppressive rays picks was extremely bad – pin to the earth is strong, especially so in UW with fliers
    3. the pick was aerial formation over cast into darkness – you say they’re similar power level and then you take the one that’s of a color you have no cards of instead of the blue card – right after you had just picked a blue card over a black card
    4. the second oppressive rays was also extremely bad – having 2 supply line cranes means you will be slower than the 14-15 land hyper aggro RW decks as seen in triple theros – which is the only decks where oppressive rays is actively good
    5. in pack 2 you drafted correctly until you took the giant over the pinnacle of rage – giant is very mediocre in your deck
    6. the divine verdict pick could easily have been the snarecaster
    7. the next pick was bronze sable – control decks in this format have more 2 drops than you at this point

    closing thoughts:

    your understanding of your positioning in this draft was very off… by the end of pack 1 you should’ve known that you were going to be more of a midrange deck than traditional RW aggro – making picks like giant over pinnacle very bad. as well, the blue signal was clear in pack 1.

    packs 2 and 3 you drafted mostly correctly – there were only two strictly incorrect picks – it was pack 1 that did you in here – pick 5 was a critical point in the draft, as was pick 7. after making pick 9 the draft was lost

    i can’t imagine a deck with 2 supply line cranes and 2 opprresive rays to 3-0ing draft, and i immediately clicked on the round 2 video to confirm my suspicions – better luck next time

  5. wow , i wasn’t going to watch the games but i did and you lost game 1 on the spot when you put the rollicker on the cranes

    he wasn’t going to block it that turn anyways, and your bear is doing absolutely nothing on the ground against 2 fliers, having two 3 power attackers during that turn forces him to block – doing 1 less damage to him but allowing you to deal with his 4/3 and save the divine verdict for a future threat like a lethal nemesis

  6. posters above like doggie are right, this draft highlights Marshall Sutcliffe’s lack of deckbuilding skills, or magic in general

    he has not really reached a stage where he understands how the game works

    @ Marshall: read magic articles, watch more drafts. u might like P. Chapin’s deckbuilding ebook and it can explain some key concepts to u

  7. @ g_arnold

    LRR team actually discusses picks like a team, with logic. Marshall Sutcliffe just bullies his picks and spends more time justifying them than THINKING about how the cards work in his deck

    real sad to watch, cause his partner is cringing at this terrible deck Marshall makes x.x

  8. The Marshall hate is a bit much!

    Thanks Walls for hiding the spoiler comments from the first poster!

    Let’s give Marshall a break, though, he was doing this video after playing poker all day – he was probably pretty fried! Also I have noticed that when Marshall is playing and commenting with someone he tends to allow himself to be swayed certain ways and even talks himself out of certain directions he might take had he been alone with this thoughts and comments!

    We can all look back and see that white blue was definitely the way to go given how the second pack broke.

    As far as game play goes, it would be hard to say if there was a mistake. I probably favored the rollicker on the 2/2 ground guy, but there is no way anyone could foresee needing to get the creature killed so the rollicker is available for a critical chump. Jack above mentioned attacking with cranes so the block with the nemesis makes rollicker fall of – remember the cranes at that point was 4/6 so it would not have died to an unmonstroused 5/5 nemesis.

    Win or lose, thanks for the videos Marshall.

  9. And one more separate comment – Theros Block seems so drab now compared to Vintage Masters. I am so glad I have blown through the rest of my Theros packs a couple of weeks ago – I do not want to go back now that I have been enjoying Vintage.

    But why does Wizards keep doing this – what should be the pinnacle of the year is the conclusion of a block set. But last year with Dragon’s Maze and this year with Journey into Nyx, it got overshadowed by competing products and rushed off the stage so quickly. Last year I sat out Modern Masters due to the cost, but drafting Ravinca full block seem so blah after seeing the magic of Modern Masters. Then this year Theros is bullied out by two separate sets – Conspiracy IRL and Vintage Masters online. Hope they don’t plan anything for June next year so Khaans can wrap up properly!

  10. I’ve also noticed that Marshall’s bullied his last couple guests. Marshal will ask the partner’s opinion and often just ignores it. What’s the point of having guests if you don’t trust their opinion?

    Marshall, from me to you. I’m a long time listener of the podcast and religious consumer of your online content, but things like this are spoiling my impression of you. I hope you can take a look at this and see the things others are seeing.

  11. Oh man Marshall, you fell for the old BNG red troll. Red always looks like it’s open in BNG. When I find myself in that situation, I like to use a little mnemonic. Sing it to the tune of “twinkle twinkle little star”: if Red is open in pack 2, it’s not. >:| >:(

  12. Game 1 round 1 you should have just attacked HE could always make a mistake and monstrous his Nemesis and kill your supply line crane leaving you with the 1/1 blocker if you didnt you always give them a reason to mess up other then you giving up

  13. Marshall, just wanted to say great draft and round 1, regardless of the outcome. One can never play perfect all time, so don’t sweat all the negative comments here.

    Btw, in Game 2, I assume he just chumps with the War Wing Siren because he wants to get a reduced cost on Nemesis, and probably had no Bestow to put on the Siren anyways.

  14. How dare you not make perfect choices each and every time you play magic!

    With hindsight I am able to make better choices than you made therefore you should have made them at the time!



    Wow tough break man, it happens to everyone, better luck next time. Im going to keep watching, keep playing and buy something from the MTGOAcademy Bots, see you in a couple weeks.

  15. Turns out the quote at the top was appropriate for several of these comments. :)

    “We must not allow other people’s Limited perceptions to define us.” – Virginia Satir

  16. “No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go of those memories.”
    ― Haruki Murakami

  17. Be off with you, ridiculous trolls! If you think Marshall is bullying his guests you need to spend more time in the same room as other people.

  18. I hope this doesn’t come off as harsh and instead as constructive criticism (some of the other comments were a bit much), but I think you may have hid your blue too early. Your red cards just weren’t that much better than your blue when you did hide it.

    Even in pack 3, your red cards were such that you *still* could have gone into blue/white. You had 5 solid red playables at that point versus 4 solid blue ones. When you hid the blue though… it was even closer. I think you let yourself get a bit too starry-eyed over the fall of the hammer. It’s a good card, but it’s not worth forcing red for by itself.

  19. Agreed that much of these comments are harsh. Seems that W/U was the way to go, can be hard to read the signals sometimes though.

    I don’t see white/red win very often in JBT, not sure why. Even when the w/r deck looks good, it often still gets outclassed.