Limited Resources: KTK Draft #2

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  1. Felt the draft went pretty well, planeswalkers are such a pain. I did feel at least for the first pack that you went jeskai a little hard, and there were certaintly other picks open in the beginning of the first pack. But nice games nonetheless!

  2. Hey marshall thx for the vid. Match two game two why not crippling chill his two blockers and swing for the win?

  3. Act of treason is respectable in this format, especially in a Jeskai deck loaded with Prowess and Ascendancy. Beautiful team america list.

  4. Think you’re undervaluing sage-eye harrier, if you cut the bloodfire expert and play that one instead, you’re mana is better. In general don’t cut the morph in you’re sketchy mana deck

  5. I feel it’s kinda strange that you didn’t even consider picking up the foil goblinslide, or at least didn’t vocally say anything about it in pack 3.

  6. In game 1 of the last match your opponent was at 14. Attacking him without unmorphing puts him to 10 and that’s still a 2 turn clock if you unmorph later. It protects you from removal at a very low cost. Not that difficult to make the right play there if you think about it more. Couldn’t predict the über blowout, of course.

  7. I’m surprised at no love for Swift Kick. In a Jeskai deck it does all the things. Consider Jeskai Elder. SK is a pump, prowess trigger(s), fight a morph, attack for 3 damage. I ran 3 in a draft last week and it was brutal.

  8. Round 3 had some really careless play. Both games you didn’t recognize that you were the control and blundered into blowouts by trying to rush an aggro strategy. This was especially concerning given your bad mana base and the decision to keep two bad starting hands.
    In game 1, the decision to flip the mistfire weaver was confusing given that the un-morph didn’t change your clock and sets you up for a tremendous blowout.
    In game 2, instead of playing singing bell turn two and locking the aven for at least four turns, you chose to play the elk and start racing without any creatures or spells in hand that would have won you that race.

  9. Can’t believe you hade the blue 2/5 in the sidelines over the 3/2 do nothing! That card has been great for me, so funny you make that swap in one game even. Thanx for the vids!

  10. Game 1 Round 2 had an interesting case where you could flip your morph to give your Alabaster Kirin hexproof and remove the Debilitating Injury from it.

  11. @Tigpak: That’s not how hexproof works; once the enchantment is on a creature, hexproof does not remove it.

  12. Marshall on your former draft what program did you use to run MTGO on Mac?
    Everyone who knows the answer is welcome :)

  13. I think you got a little greedy with the Jeskai Elder pick over the tapland. You looked like a genius in game 1 of the first match with that pick, but it was high variance and mana was your biggest issue overall.

    Still, awesome games and commentary as always. Thanks! :)