Limited Resources: KTK Draft #3

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  1. Round 2 when you cast your phoenix, you should have attacked once. Then your crater’s claw and another phoenix attack would win you the game.

  2. bitter revelation is a really good card in a 5 color… being able to choose 2 out of the top 4 is amazing. Easy to cast and acts as fixing or grab powerful relevant spells. Its exactly what you want… Something to consider when you are drafting a slower/ higher power/ defensive/ controlling deck.

  3. Missing the green in round two was just so sad…I was so excited to see you go dune blast into 7+ Nemesis Wave into massive Craters Claw FTW. O well, bad beats can’t have em all.

  4. I have played with VW a couple times and i wasn’t impressed, actually. 7 mana and you usually just get one or two cards, most of the times unimpressive ones. It’s just too random to be good. It would be SUPER-good in a ramp deck, but KTK doesn’t have the right cards for that strategy.

  5. Yea wealth is not great in limited with high land counts and low power cards, it goes late and may have tabled. That sandstone step could have given more green for dune blast!

  6. P1P3 should definitely be a tri-land. VW sucks, especially in 5C decks. Also I think that you are super undervaluating Temur Charms. What’s wrong with an instant speed removal that can be also used as counterspell? That card is way better than Savage Punch or Force Away as long as you can cast it.