Limited Resources: KTK Draft #4

“Limited should always be in touch with the soil of the country. My drafts celebrate the heartland of Tarkir.” – Salman Khan

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  1. We saw Round 1 & Round 3 opponents stumble on their mana bases as well. Seems like someone was snapping up all the lands but then ended up not doing very well (at least Marshall never played them).

    The Round 2 opponent is what amazed me. That opponent had no idea how to play a Jeskai tempo deck. You don’t wait around forever with your 4/3 first striker and your 3/1 flyer hexproof waiting for the best defensive flip of those cards. He could have had your life total much lower in some of those games and then the singing bell strikes could have been used to push through the final damage rather than just giving you some nice vigilant creatures! Bad players make bad plays – give them a chance to beat themselves!

  2. Interestingly, I had your R2G1 opponent on Mistfire Weaver for ages – it’s one of the few morphs in the set whose body wouldn’t have been relevant on this board, and whose flip effect was strong enough to wait on. ((The other options, though they didn’t pop to mind, would have been Horde Ambusher and Jeering Instigator – but both could have been used to break the board stall numerous turns earlier, and there was one turn where your opponent conspicuously left up three islands and no other colors of mana.))

  3. In R2G3, was there a particular reason for playing the Hordechief before the Falconer? They’re bot 2/3s for 3 but the Falconer could have outlast up or even have triggered raid if you’d done them in the other order. The only thing I can think of is maybe you wanted to see if the chief would bait out removal of some sort?

  4. That’s my assumption. The Falconer is amazing with or without the outlast and you simply need it to be alive in this deck to bring a win.

  5. Round 2 game 2 the play i would have made is Smite your scavenger and then you would have 2 spirits to block the 2 flyers Ruth and you could have enough in the yard to cast hooting mandrel and be able to block all his guys. Am i wrong in this thinking?

  6. Just as an aside, the round 2 opponent probably typed “?” because you used the chat box to note that he had winterflame in hand, which would have sent him a notice that you were typing something but then you never sent a message.

  7. Round 3, Game 2 you could have Rakshasa’s Secreted the turn you played Scavenger and still played Scavenger. He had 3 cards in hand.

  8. Cor, I don’t think the chat box notifies your opponent that you’re typing something. It’s not Facebook.