Limited Resources: KTK Draft #5

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  1. DAMN YOU RNG!!!!!!!! wow what a deck……. finals….. disappointing……. but the deck more than surprised me… learned a lot from this draft!!!!!

  2. That’s Magic – play 18 land – only draw 3 land and get run over. My problem is when I finally decide to graduate to 8-4′s, this happens every time Round 1. I then blow off 6-9 packs and slink back to Swiss!

  3. Holy water baloons, that first match was incredible. A true testament to how crazy KtK can be.

  4. Clearly the play M1G2 was DTT for Crater’s Claws. You don’t draft 5 Color Bombs to win off your opponent’s empty library.

  5. I smiled the second you made the remark about the shambling attendants being discarded while they could be cast for 1 mana. I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, but the very second you mentionned that, I understood and thought about the pit!

    Also, I think i’d have tried differently (killing the swarm of blood flies before it gets too big and flip the guide the turn after), but your way proved good so I’m not sure which one was safer ^^

    Other than that… is there any draft where you don’t either get Duneblast or villainous wealth? xD

  6. I’m really confused about how you were playing around Become Immense — it doesn’t grant trample, so as long as you chump, Become Immense never kills you! Am I missing something?

  7. Jonah, that’s what he was debating. He didn’t want to have to block, but because Become Immense would have killed him if he didn’t block, he was forced into a few somewhat unfavorable blocks.

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