Limited Resources: Legacy Cube Draft #1

“Now, after the Cube, I still don’t have any plans to draft anything like it.” – Erno Rubik

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  1. Is there a reason I’m missing that you didn’t play the Oracle turn 3 in M3G3? You just kind of passed the turn without saying anything even though you could have played it.

  2. I feel like you could’ve had a really good Reanimator deck if you had taken the late Mulch and Satyr Wayfinder, as well as the Reanimate. But I don’t think that deck would’ve done well enough against the Mono-Red deck he had. G2 was just super brutal.

  3. Marshall:

    What changes would you make to the selection of red cards in the cube? If you don’t think mono red should be “that” deck, what should it be doing instead?

  4. 2 things i noticed in game 3 of round 1 why did you thoughtseize then cast battlesphere instead of tap your fyndhorn for green and play hermit then have 9 mana to cast battlesphere and have lethal available.. and game 2 of round 2 why did you leave up fyndhorn and not play oracle turn 3?

  5. Do not play cube. It should be boycotted due to its awful prize strcuture. You will never learn.

  6. Match 1 Game 2 why not also throw Grave Titan into troll? You can’t expect to play him anyways and that way the troll survives the creature, even kills it, and you can regenerate through the removal spell. Did I miss sth.?

  7. Don’t play cube. It is a total rip off and anyone who plays it enjoys the following in order:

    1. Painting “WotC” on their bedroom wall with human toddler blood.
    2. Throwing their wallet at the wall, directly where the blood-written “WotC” exists.

  8. Marshall. You got destroyed in Match 2. Utterly manhandled, further proving to the world how bad you truly are. Give it up. You are TRASH!

  9. To those who think the Cube prize structure is unfair – play Swiss. The payouts are such that going 2-1 gets you another draft and 3-0 gets you basically 1.5 drafts. I haven’t paid for a cube draft in over a year.

  10. “Don’t play cube. It is a total rip off and anyone who plays it enjoys the following in order:”

    Try not to go worse than 2-1 in the Swiss like a baddie and you can cube forever.

  11. Gotta second Gnarok here; If you’d played the T3 Oracle (since you didn’t block with your elf ANYWAY), you could have played that swamp off the top and been one card deeper in the deck before you had to trade it off for something, which might have kept you in the game.

    Also, when did you stop playing Swiss cube?

  12. I reckon picking a Stinky up late in one of the packs could of been worth considering. It acts as a deterrent for air and ground creatures whilst you get your slower cards out later. You can always dredge him later as well, which could of been useful as it looked like your deck could of potentially gone for a little reanimation.

    The second match up was brutal, fast aggro decks were always going to be difficult. Mono red seems to allow some nasty curve outs. I run a pauper cube and you at least have to go red/black for the super aggro deck.

  13. A ‘Kezzerdrix’ is an internet meme. It’s when you repeatedly say something stupid in the hope it becomes accepted.

    I only play cube drafts. Spending phantom points to gain phantom points is the only way I can afford to draft. It is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the nonsense Kezzerdrix says. I can’t afford to do any other kind of draft.

  14. Now I’ve got that off my chest (and ignoring the anti-Marshall troll), I think Marshall sideboarded very incorrectly against the monored.

    When you’re facing a pure aggro deck, you need to really be bold. Remove almost any card that costs>4 mana. Throw in anything cheap, including land. In this case:

    Remove: Freyalise, Titan and Battlesphere. Also remove arena.
    Add: Song of the Dryad (very good vs aggro), Phantom Centaur, land, Spireful returned

    To beat aggro you need to throw cards in front of their little dudes. Even a spiteful returned is a 1/1, capable of blocking the Firefist Striker. You have to tear your deck concept apart and just concentrate on not dying in the first 5 turns.

  15. The prize structure is great if you have have a win-rate that is above 50%, Swiss drafts can go nigh infinite really easily. Plus last I checked Magic is a game where you try to have fun, and for a lot of people cube is pretty fun.