Limited Resources: Magic 2015 Draft #2

“I’m using all my resources…I feel the sky is the limit for me.” – William Green

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  1. Feels so familiar. I had yesterday a deck that looked very very similar (just that it was in Swiss, not in 8-4), breezed through the first round, then in the second game the opponent (starting) got a disgusting ensoul artifact + darksteel citadel draw, I could still bounce it with it “only” doing 5 dmg, but then I drew only lands (11 out of 16 drawn cards).

    Then second game, was an easy win, and third game was struggling for the forth mana that never came, even through divination (that’s your divination that reminded me of that).

    Meh. These awkward draws that remind us that there is still a very big part of luck involved in this game… ^^”

  2. Dear mr Marshall, loving your vids and comments, already looking forward to next friday! g3r2, you just forgot the ability of the river marshall.. you got flodded but had a reasonable manasinker who could hold you alive a while, so why risk it as you “knew” there was a disenchant…. but ty that you seem to make mistakes from time to time, that helps us normal kids to live with ours…

  3. Coral Reef (homelands, LOL) would have been nice for some of your convoke, and as you said multiple bodies one card is good. Great Vid

  4. Lol at taking Nimbus of the Isles over seraph of the masses. Stopped watching.

  5. poetrymaster is exactly right. Saying that you lost because of an unlucky draw is a cop out. You suspected that he had Naturalize, yet you ran your only creature (and your best shot at winning) into it. You could have used his tap ability or Into the Void (getting rid of the +1/+1 counter on the bear) setting him back in development and keeping your guy safe.

  6. Sorry still watching the videos – you picked a Burning Anger – said you need to prioritize fixing, then get a Boonweaver Giant and say “We don’t have any way to abuse that yet.” Don’t you realize that Giant can get off-color enchantments!?! You would still need a mountain or two and a Evolving Wilds as well as a Meteorite, but I would go for the giant there!

  7. Sorry, Marshall, I have to agree with the other comments. You completely seemed to forget the River Marshal’s other ability and running into the Naturalize when you knew he had it seemed like a desperate play to me – like you had no other plays. I would have into the void first, then just kept locking his creatures down until you drew in to something else playable!

  8. @magikado, if you get an awkward draw with a deck like this, it isn’t JUST luck. This is a really awkward deck, with low power/low toughness guys, and very little way to finish the game.
    Marshall, haven’t I heard you talk about ‘using two bad cards to make one good card’ on the podcast? IMO 2x Heliod’s Pilgrim and Opressive Rays/Divine Favor is exactly that^2. You get a 1/2 on the board for 3 mana, and a marginal aura in your hand. That combination doesn’t win games.
    You’d have been much better with the Coral Barriers and the Seraph. Multiple bodies = more power for the Seraph, more convokers to get it on the board with.

  9. The Sanctified Charges were really bad for this deck, with only 12 creatures it doesn’t do much good. This deck was going to get beat by a better deck and showed that.

    Running into Naturalize really was a bad move, like said before. Any other play would have been better in that case. But, sometimes it is good to learn from others (and our own) mistakes.

  10. There’s an element of hindsight in all the posters who call Marshall on the naturalised armour. Marshall took a view that a gamble with a big upside was preferable to a cautious, safer choice.

    Plenty of football pundits blame the headcoach who goes for it on 4th down. Even when it fails, that doesn’t make it a mistake.

  11. There may be an element of hindsight in it, but I was shocked when he went for the Plate Mail in the first place. I was expecting an Into the Void or just tapping down the opponent’s creatures. Equipping and swinging didn’t even occur to me, because there was just way too much that could go wrong.

  12. How do you pass Boonweaver Giant 3 times drafting an aura deck, with Burning Anger — the second best Giant target — already in your board? Yes, 7 is a lot of mana. But I’ll pay 7 for a creature that basically taps to kill any reasonably sized creature or to deal 4 to my opponent’s face!