Limited Resources: Magic 2015 Draft #3

“I really believe my resources are best used to help projects that make the world suck less.” – Alexis Ohanian

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  1. I saw two Dauntless River Marshall’s that went by, that you didnt even talk about.

    Woulda made 3rd pick Soul of Theros a super easy decision.

  2. While maybe the River Marshal’s deserved a comment, they really weren’t a consideration at that point. He was committed to blue with either black or red, he had no other white at that point. They only looked great once we all saw the Soul of Theros, which I wouldn’t have passed by the way. That’s just helping someone else out way too much!

  3. My jaw dropped when I saw that Soul of Theros…I think I would have forced white at that point and said screw it.

  4. Crazy seeing that late soul of Theros.

    In M1G2, seemed like you are unaware that your paragon has an activated ability to give flying to blue creatures! so many missed attacks!

  5. just what i was thinking when i was watching that game, how is it possible he’s not aware of the paragonability… beginner mistakes, hurts to see them

  6. It’s not a”beginner mistake”, it’s just the law of large numbers at work here – eventually, everybody will miss something In Magic it’s all too easy to use assumptions (because in order to play in anything buy a glacial rate you need shortcuts and heuristics) and pausing to consider ALL of them is not something that people usually do. So if you forget about the ability when you make the assumptions for the game, you can easily keep on missing it.

  7. I’m surprised you kept talking about this deck as a “beatdown” deck, decks full of research assistants and divinations are generally not considered to be the aggressors. I would have treated this deck as the slow, grindy control deck it was, that holds the ground with 1/3s and ultimately wins with cards like caustic tar, soul, or pathmage. A few less void snares and some more statutes of denial seemed in order.

  8. Moving into white after seeing the soul would clearly be the wrong play. Having just picked up a black soul, with the additional upside of having already picked up a flesh to dust and a murk lurker, and especially considering said soul pack contained a 2nd lurker which Marshall correctly snapped up…yeah the incentive to play black is too great here to be tempted by double white cards in pack 3, even if it is potentially the best limited card in the set.

  9. In M2 G1, why not give the Frost Lynx flying, declare it as a blocker for the Geist of Moors and then use Peel from Reality to bounce it and the Griffin to your hand? That would have avoided taking 3 damage after all….

  10. As someone else mentioned, it looks like you forgot about the Blue Paragon’s ability to make other blue creatures fly.

  11. BTW I think it would have been sweet had you been able to play the Fugitive Wizards and make them work. I wonder what would make that worth it, 3 blue paragons and lots of convoke?

  12. Hey guys,

    Moving into white wasn’t an option, even for the best rare in the set. But passing it isn’t a huge deal as I’m not likely to play against the person I’m passing it to, and often someone with less resilience than me will hate draft it anyway.

    I overlooked the Paragon ability, I’m not sure why though. I had a sweet play in a draft where my opponent made a stormtide leviathan with flyers up, and I jumped my Pathmage with the blue Paragon and then made it unblockable for lethal. I must have been more focused on which 6-drop to play or something :(

    Thanks as always for the feedback and comments!

    - Marshall

  13. Thanks for doing these videos. I really appreciate your insight into your picks and plays. I especially enjoyed disagreeing with some of your plays to later realize that I would have played into a trap or that the combat math was more favorable with your play.