Limited Resources: Magic 2015 Draft #5

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  1. Awesome deck.

    The only thing I noticed was, in m2g2 you gave him an extra draw step at the end, since he was at six and you could’ve targeted him with sign in blood after hitting for 4.

  2. Although it didn’t affect your decision to play Festergloom, when calculating which creatures would die to it, you included Child of Night and Typhoid Rats, both of which are black. I keep forgetting that Festergloom has that “nonblack” word in there myself.

    But wow. Garruk into Hornet Queen? Siiiiiick.

  3. Yoyo also pointed out that at the end of round 2 you had him dead had you targeted him with sign in blood, but had he topdecked a festergloom(which is reasonable to side in after seeing hornet queen) after you not killing him with the sign in blood, things could have went very downhill for you from there. Easy thing to overlook, since almost always targeting yourself, glad to see you weren’t punished for it.

  4. Ah yeah I realized the Sign in Blood play after I submitted the video. Silly, as I’ve killed many a player with Sign in Blood in my day :) Sometimes that urge to draw cards is just too strong I suppose

  5. Foils do replace commons so whoever passed you that Hornet Queen could have taken a foil, and probably did. I guess a case could be made for taking Triplicate Spirits over Hornet Queen, but I wouldn’t personally.

  6. Match 3 around the 6 minute mark your invasive species was double blocked by a bear and a 2/1 river marshal. You mentioned that you need to take 2 for 1s when you can, but that block would have already been a 2 for 1. You didn’t need the invasive species on that board. Saving the Flesh to Dust for the griffin would have been a bigger game. Also, with the way he blocked it seemed like he could have easily had a trick (which he did). This could have set up a 3 for 1 if you had just passed priority. Worst case scenario is that he offers the 2 for 1 and you kill the griffin during his turn maybe allowing the child of night to hit on your turn.

  7. After seeing you take Garruk I joked, “Maybe someone will pass him a Hornet Queen.” I guess that’s not as impossible as I thought.

  8. your round two opponent COULD have cast covenant and activated soul in the same turn he just chose not to or didn’t see it. Convoking covenant to get garruk down and finishing him with soul certainly seemed like the play from where i was sitting.

  9. Dear Marshall,

    I listen to your podcast every week so I like the content you put out but these videos are most times hard to watch. I have 2 suggestions that I think would improve your videos:

    1. Talk More
    When you watch really good draft videos like LSV, you notice that those guys never shut up. Though you do talk somewhat about your choices, about half of the videos are just dead silence. I really want to get the most out of my time and yours so I feel like if you talked about all your decisions and possible lines it would not only fill all that dead air but provide chances to learn. (e.g. “Maybe this is a deck you’d want to be on the draw with” and then you never explain why you think this or what cards made you believe it should be that way)

    2. Do Not Disturb
    I understand that you are running the biggest clan on MTGO but the constant messages and window switching is just unbearable to watch. It breaks my focus just watching it, so I can’t imagine how distracting it is for you. So please, just for the time you’re recording videos, don’t respond to messages or trade requests or anything like that.

  10. In match 2 against the Soul of Shandalar, I’m thinking that Hornet Queen first may have been better than Garruk. It’d essentially be the same line with the Hunt the Weak using one of the tokens. You’d still have 3 hornets alive, and have a Garruk in hand for the next turn (though with the Covenant in his hand it may not have actually been better).

  11. Thanks for the vids. I find the constant “Can I join your clan?” distracting as well. Besides the fact that clans have no meaning or purpose on MTGO whatsoever, it would make sense to block chat messages during recording (there is an option to do so). Other then that, nice vids and good luck!

  12. I go from website, to website, to website, in hopes of a Marshall quality draft video. Still feels like Christmas when I do find it!

  13. The point of him showing him accepting people is to show how easy it is to join the clan. Many players are new to his videos and/or new to playing MTGO. It’s nice to know that if I were to ask for an invite he wouldn’t ignore it.

  14. Marshall,

    Thanks for the video and great drafting. I find it valuable to see what phase you are in and what turn you are on. Without the phase ladder it is more difficult to keep track of where the game it at. Seeing where you and the opponent cast spells is helpful to getting better at the game. Can you turn the phase ladder back on please. Thanks – Chris.

  15. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I’m happy to know that even marshall is susceptible to fancy play syndrome.

  16. Thanks for what you’re doing.
    For new players it is really great. Love it.

    2 first packs draws were crazy. Too bad the third one was’nt as good!

  17. At one point you referred to us, your loyal fans, as boys. We may be mostly male, but not all. :)

    Thanks for another enjoyable video.

  18. What an intense first round! I was at the edge of my seat with the Stab Wound line. I was all on board for the Garruk line (to eat the Lynx right away), but I totally see your logic and applaud your decision making! Well played Marshall!