Limited Resources: Magic 2015 Draft #7

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  1. Thanks for the vid marshall. Dont know if its just my display but Jason Moore’s pic is on the link instead of yours. Nice deck, solid play as always =)

  2. Last game of last match – regarding the turn where you used your lightning strike to take out the child of night. I think a stronger play would have been to cast Krenko’s enforcer before attacking, and then attack with only your borderland marauder. Opponent either just takes it (and then can’t attack back because of the soldier token), or blocks, which gives you the option of convoking out ephemeral shields by tapping your two creatures. Maybe not quite as aggressive as your gameplan was, but reserving a lightning strike for later is always useful.

  3. It also uses your mana better, by developing your boards AND getting a free combat trick, so when I think about it it’s actually not even less aggressive.

  4. Interesting to play a not so nice opponent, probably using their real name as well, lets just hope they are not in the clan. Great draft lots of good info, thanks again for leaving in the info bar.

  5. Great draft. I always enjoy watching the draft and seeing the deck come together. I also enjoyed watching the games as they are very helpful when it comes to making decisions about what to cast and when. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the vids! Last round – putting a Boros deck on the play – the opponent got what he/she deserved!

    In the draft video you mentioned cutting red hard in the first pack in order to get paid off in the last pack. Otherwise you have mentioned instead paying attention to what is open in the 1st pack in order to get paid off in the last pack.

    I have found in M15 the way I like to approach it is to cut white hard in pack 1 – even if you aren’t getting passed that much. If you can put the people you are passing to in pack 1 into other colors than white, then you get enough of the strong white cards back in pack 2 and then you can fill out your deck with a third color in pack 3. And sometimes the cut ends up working both ways as you take the best white from pack 2, forcing players you are passing to abandon white, and then you get paid off again in pack 3. I love playing almost mono-white with a red burn splash, or a blue tempo splash, or a black removal splash, or a green convoke splash. Even the mediocre white cards just seem to work so well in M15!

  7. I think you put a little too much value on Scrapyard Mongrel. The Darksteel Citadel made your mana not great, and you even ran 18 lands in an otherwise aggressive deck just to accomodate it. It can be fine if you pick up a few bronze sables/golems, but it’s usually not worth jumping through hoops for. It worked out well, when you top decked the Citadel for the win, but any land would have won you that game on the back of Cone.

  8. Geez, that last opponent was salty. Don’t need magic players with bad attitudes running around. Way to stick it to ‘em Marshall.

  9. R1 G2, all I could think when that Polymorphist’s Jest hit…
    “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound frog…”

  10. M2G2 when you triple blocked the Assistant wouldn’t it have made more sense to put the Cathar on the Frost Lynx and double block the assistant with the soldiers?
    Then you sac the Cathar before damage and still end up with exactly the same board state but 2 extra life (4 instead of 2).

  11. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought “salty” referred to swearing. I’m seeing this M3 guy being rude and defensive, but not swearing. Is it just a MTGO thing to call anyone being rude “salty”?

  12. Well, I’m pretty sure “salty” is an equivalent of bitter, in which case he definitely is!

    At least the first thought I had, when seeing this last opponent, even as a non-native speaker, was “salty opponent is salty :D”.

    Too much time spent around the internet I guess… ^^

  13. because of R2G2 ı call this episode ”waiting for the 5th land”. besides that , happy to see the phase bar back and wish you Marshall all the best – for you and your friends and the LRR family.Always so excited when ı see a new video of your drafts , only you lsv and twoo , one can see me smile even from a km. lol :) by the way ı was playing hearthstone for a while and never opened magic since 3 weeks you wouldn’t believe how ı won drafts so easily – wow this is maybe an argument ı don’t know – it’s weird , seems so easy and reminds me that the curve is so important .

  14. Marshal,

    Love the videos, still can’t believe that you missed out on the Rogue’s Gloves in the draft. You had 2 Scrapyard Mongrels to turn on, not to mention some fliers and the Enforcers as incentive to play the card. You didn’t even main deck the Crowds favor you took over it. Glad the games still went well.

  15. Sweet vid as always.

    Point of clarification: What is the difference, if any, between “a jerk” and “the guy who has to give you the speech?”

  16. Sorry Marshall, clearly you’re going to have to get a copy of LRR’s “You have really good luck, for future ref.” plaque. All that time you’ve put into drafting, podcasting about drafting, professionally writing about drafting, and covering pro tour drafting… luck sack.
    Good draft, it’s nice to see one once in awhile with quick, active rounds. After grinding out prerelease sealed events at the LGS, one can see that there is a certain elegance to how tidy a core set can be.