Limited Resources: Magic 2015 Draft #8

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  1. Hey, last round opponent here,

    Fun draft to watch, I was to your right and was obviously in white myself which definitely affected your draft.

    I didn’t attack into your 2/2 with my x/3s a couple times because I had passed a fair few Crowd’s Favors in your direction so I didn’t want to throw away ground creatures when my Triplicate Spirits gave me eventuality.

  2. I have been drafting mono red aggro lately with great effect. 3x Generator Servant along with 4x Foundry and a couple Marauders with Lightning Strike. Most people are not able to handle a common draft. Definitely something to look into with red being so much fun without requiring rares. I didn’t even have some Raging goblins to stop blocks and still ran above everyone.

  3. Most people go for rares which hampers a draft in a Core Set, besides the ridiculous rares.Have some fun and do something different and outside the norm.

  4. R1G3 (18:20): Why don’t people read Spirit Bonds?

    Yes, making Spirit tokens is insanely powerful in itself, but the card even has a second ability!
    You could easily have blocked the rat with the Soulmender and made it indestructible saccing the token jumping the Juggernaut. But instead you just took the damage and needed to throw another token at the rat later…

  5. That feeling when you are so sick of watching people draft white and you open that first pack :-).

    Great content.

  6. Haven’t even read the other comments – hope I am not being too repetitive with their comments!
    I could not believe when I clicked on Round 1 – 43 minutes – how could red/white and red/black decks go that long. Oh my goodness – game 3 – what lessons we can learn from that game:
    1. Never give up, never surrender, I saw so many places lesser players would have conceded or done the all-in “I give up” attack. Marshall shows why you hang on to the bitter end.
    2. Nice lessons about Soul Mender and instant damage spells and when to activate the gain 1 life, although there was one point after you told us about that you then didn’t do it, but I think you were leaving up the Mender in case he had to block.
    3. Many good lessons about when to attack and when not to attack by the opponent there. Knowing the value of when to trade creatures off to make future attacks better versus just attacking to trade creatures off is a great lesson for anyone wanting to successfully play Magic. Anyone who laughs at the Momir format on MTGO is missing great lessons about that. Play a few weekend Momir events, and you quickly learn the value of when to attack and when to hold back.

    Thanks for the videos, Marshall, that Round 1 Game 3 was worth the price of admission!

  7. I’m not sure why you never pick evolving wilds. I’ve seen you pass on it as last as 12th pick in your videos and the only mention you have made of it is when you plan to go 3 colors. What don’t you like about the card? It’s pretty much some of the best fixing in M15 draft.

  8. R1 2game u should had wait to sac the fire fist so he couldnt block ur tokens otherwise u could shoot jugg after damage :)

  9. R3G1 you can put the Bloodseeker in front of his Paragon. Then when he sacks the cathar to deal you leathal, your guy gets first strike, and you don’t actually die.

  10. Playing 9 Plains 8 Mountains isn’t right

    You have three Double Red cards on Turn 3:

    Krenko’s Enforcer
    Inferno Fist
    Inferno Fist

    Only one double white card by turn 3. Everything else is single White.

    It’s also possible you want to cast Crowd’s Favor after playing a White 2-drop on turn 3.

  11. rite – Spirit Bonds is (kind of) double white. If you have it in play, the 5 one and two drop white cards really want you to have 2 plains in play.

  12. P1P3: Jalira, Marshall!
    I know the goal of LR is to play sound Magic, but I personally had the most fun in M15 with my Jalira / Spirit Bonds combo :)