Limited Resources: Magic Online CUBE Draft

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  1. Do not play cube. It should boycotted due to its awful prize structure.

    Do not play on the beta. It should be boycotted due to its awfulness.

    It seems like you never learn.

  2. @kezzerdrix

    By now everyone knows this, you add nothing by stating it again. If you boycott cube you don’t get to play it. It’s not just a straightforward choice. Some people actually like to play this game regardless of prizes. Marshall gets extra value out of his cube drafts by letting us ride along with him.

    Yes the beta is bad, but boycotting it is anti-progress. How about instead, everyone uses it and submits useful feedback? When the beta finally goes live, people like you who cling to v3 will be left behind, IMO.

  3. If nothing else, Kezzerdrix is dedicated to his craft. Acknowledge this dedication, and then just ignore him.

  4. it is so obvious marshall gets paid to use the beta….no other streamer uses it, no SCG, no CF, but marshall yes…just sucks…liked the videos without the beta.

  5. No point in giving feedback on the beta, alla feedback gets igonred utterly. I base this on the fact that the beta is still as terrible as it was a year ago.

  6. Just a side note, I’ve been having some video quality issues with the videos not clicking over into HD, or taking a while to do this, for example, the third video took went the whole way through at 360p despite me choosing to the HD option. Is anyone else having this problem?

  7. Massive punts R3G3 Marshall. The misclick on the land turn 2 sucked but wasn’t back breaking. However, you let it tilt you the following turns any of which would have been a great time to play snuff out. It was sad to see you tilt like that, but heartwarming to know that it happens to the best of us.

  8. I love this “archtype” in this cube. I think not picking smokestack is a little iffy but I found it best in this cube with an active Bitterblossom which you didn’t have.

    @Josh Issue happens to me all the itme, I usually watch the videos on youtube and it alleviates the problem.

  9. @Joshua: I haven’t had this problem crop up specifically when viewing videos through our site, but I’ve experienced it also on Youtube before. My guess is that it’s a Youtube issue, which hopefully has been (or will be) sorted out.

  10. I love tempo decks. Fun to watch. Can’t believe ‘Crawler didn’t come back. Big punt/tilt at the end there. You never even considered using Snuff Out. I think you win that game if you play correctly.

  11. Yeah, there were so many places where Snuff Out was the correct play and he didn’t even see it. It’s unfortunate, but it was going to be a really tough game to win regardless.

  12. Great set of vids,Marshall. Congrats also on your Kickstarter funding 4 days! Nice to see cube again. Played it the last 2 days but always have some stumbles from not playingwith somany of these cards before. Lookingforward to Theros.Thanks for the LR insights into themany cards of Theros beforeweplay next week. Darnspacebar!

  13. Can you IP ban Kezzerdrix? At least make it more difficult for him to bug people.

    Though, now that I think about it, it’s kind of reassuring to see a Kdrix comment on a vid. Like someone I always know I can count on to be there.

  14. I have had the issue watching the videos in HD in previous weeks and months; I’m sure it’s a youtube thing, though I don’t know for sure since I don’t watch many other videos in HD. I have found that if you click to the HD and it doesn’t change the quality that you can select another option and then go back to the HD setting and most of the times that does the trick. First week I’ve seen Marshall available in 4-digit HD.

  15. I laugh every week at kezzerdrix. A wise man once told me, “repetition is humor.” He was right. Once you stop thinking about the comments as a meaningful discussion on beta and/or cube, you’ll start to see the genius involved. Just look at his second comment: deadpan brilliance. Every time someone rages at his posts, he tallies a mark on his bedpost. He probably has more notches on that sucker than most of us could ever hope and pray for.

  16. RE: Kezzerdrix– I also consider this name to be a kind of performance art at this point, but is Kezzerdrix only one person, whom an IP ban would stop??? I’m not so sure…

  17. If you’re going to be repetitive I will be to: As a new player (started during M14), the Beta is fine. The old interface I find completely unusable after using the beta. It looks like it was designed in the mid-90s.

  18. Gotta say it’s nice to see the Beta client vids.
    So refreshing to see a non-terrible interface for once.

    Love your vids and voice as ever, Marshall.

  19. Fun to see you crack open a cube, Marshall! Thanks as always for the top-notch content. I haven’t watched tons of cube, but in my limited experience, I haven’t seen anyone draft Dimir aggro. In fact, I almost invariably see people going big (stompy ramp, artifact tinker, control with upheaval and big finishers, etc.), so it’s both refreshing and enlightening to see someone build a quite capable deck whose mantra is to go small.

  20. @kezzerdrix

    Man, you are a trooper. The Spike-iest guy I can think of. I’ll bet you are pretty good at Magic.

    You don’t get all preachy. You just make your point and go.

    I can respect that.

  21. Indeed, Kezzerdrix has been around for at least 6 weeks on his anti-beta crusade. Kind of impressed he/she/shclee keeps watching things that cause distress.

    Anyhow, I really like the cube videos. I’ve only been playing limited for a few months now and I appreciate these videos (along with Simon Says) immensely. I’m really terrible at the MTGO cube so I enjoy seeing what people who know what they’re doing can do.

  22. Missed the snuff out on Hero of Oxid Ridge the turn he cast it in M3G3, that would have saved you 2 life that turn and probably semi stabilized you.

  23. Im just expressing opinions about the beta and awful price structure, don’t agree that warrants a ban, although thats obviously not for me to decide.

    Anyways, seems like this site is overflowing of people bought by wizards.

  24. I shouldn’t tell you guys this, but WIzards actually pays me to make these posts too. It’s a reverse psychology guerrilla advertising technique.

    Keep it on the downlow…

  25. As someone who is strictly a paper player. I greatly prefer the beta. V3 looks like it got made before the turn of the century.

  26. Marshall with the awesome vids and sexy voice as usual. Keep it up man.

    And who gives a damn, even if he does get paid to play the beta (he doesn’t), what difference does it make to any of us?

    The old client sucks. So until you code a better one, let the beta bashing go.

  27. If Wizards offered to pay me to play MTGO on a turnip I would do it in a heartbeat. I’m pretty sure anyone here would. Who cares?

    The only difference between a “sellout” and any other person is opportunity. Getting paid to do something you enjoy should be everyone’s goal in life. Why begrudge anyone for it?

  28. Because he should be more honest about it, instead of pretending to like the beta, which no living entity yet has.

  29. Marshal tweeted earlier that the beta was “full of bugs” but he states that he will continue to use it. Oh the irony.

  30. I mean, I’m just going to be honest here. From a designer perspective, both clients are, in my opinion, terrible. I have to balance my distaste w/ my general enjoyment of Magic and the ease and convenience of online play. But I mean, of all the crusades to have, the crusade of “Make Wizards design a better client”… like, couldn’t you find better things to do with your time?

    It would be like me going to the local supermarket and protesting the fruit display section. Who really cares?

    I think most people are disgruntled at you because they do not even give the client some seconds of thought and here we have one guy posting every week about it. You could be protesting how your government treats prisoners, or something. Instead we have a weekly discussion on a video game client. No one cares. It’s just not that important. Let it go.

  31. this might sound counter intuitive but thoughtseize is still ok against mono red, while its dead late game a turn one thought seize can save you damage, taking a sulphuric vortex, shrine of burning rage, goblin guide or an ash zealot is awesome even turning fire blast in to shock is fine, messing up their curve saves you life long term, I use the same logic when thinking about snuff out, for example if you killed the hero the turn he played it, before he attacks with it you would have lost 4 life instead of loosing 6(4+battle cry) and there would have be one less creature to deal with next turn next turn leaving you alive at 4 life giving you another draw step. While it likely didn’t matter it was still the correct play (IMHO).
    I think the worst card in your deck vs mono red was the gravebourn muse because it costs 4 and deals repeatable damage

  32. @kezzerdrix: With that logic, noone should ever complain about anything but the most pressing matters.

    Your argument is bad and you should feel bad.

  33. I know this is not the right spot for this comment, but based on the discussion, I’ll post it anyway.

    I have held out from using the beta for two reasons: 1) I become irate when I get screwed in a draft because of instability (read: crash) and 2) the horizontal layout of the turn phases is AWFUL. I know I will get “used” to 2) in the future, but I find it much less intuitive and when I’m thinking about game phases, triggers, and stops, it means I am not focusing on decisions as much as I should.

    However, I decided to give the beta a shot again in the past week because everyone keeps claiming 1) has been remedied greatly. So I hop in a Cube draft, despite the horrid payouts because I’m looking for relatively easy QP. First draft I pop into at 7 players in the queue, the Beta crashes. I restart the game. I expect the Beta to be a much faster load. Instead, it sits on “loading your decks” for far too long. By the time I’m back in the game, it’s pick 5. I have four cards of different colors…I try to make the best of it. The kicker comes in pack two when I see a second copy of one of the first four cards autopicked for me. I pause, think, “this is singleton, but there is copy #2.” As fate would have it, that card fit into the deck I salvaged, so I snapped up copy #2. When I get to dekcbuilding, I go through my pile, submit with two copies of the card. I get an error that tells me that my deck cannot be submitted, restart and try again. Three minutes left with deckbuilding, I quickly get everything back in there, only to find I only have 1 copy of the card now. And no extra card in its slot. I am simply a card short, including this playable card.

    Then I won the draft anyway.

    Psyche. Lost quickly and submitted a reimbursement request.

    Yes, I submitted feedback, so don’t tell me about how this is the wrong spot. I am into helping them out. I have noticed a lot of positives from the beta players on this site and I wanted to add my experience. All I seem to see is “V3 looks like it was coded in 1991″ and “Beta looks great.” Well, sure, the cards in the beta look nice, but I cannot play it at the moment thanks to incidents like this one. I mean, I like pretty as much as the next guy, but I’d prefer to have simple, uninterrupted gameplay. I still vehemently stick to the horizontal turn phase tracker as garbage, as well. Plus, the life total, hand count, library count area is abysmally small. That is simply bad design.

    So to all the anti-anti-beta people around, it’s not all roses.