Limited Resources: May 2013 MTGO Cube Draft

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  1. I haven’t seen it yet. But I’m glad you decided to do a cube before RtR Block draft goes online. As usual, you haven’t disappointed.

  2. Man, I was screaming Thawing Glaciers at my computer screen when it tabled.

  3. Do not play cube. It should be boycotted due to its awful prize structure. It seems like you never learn.

  4. I draft RTR and was really bored, so I drafted Gatecrash, and I was bored with that too.

    Then Cube came out, and I had fun drafting it, but assholes like kezzerdrix tell me that I shouldn’t play it, because the only reason to draft is for prize payout. I apologize if I enjoy having fun, kezzerdrix.

  5. If your only creature is a Falkenrath Aristocrat and your opponent plays a Skinrender you can sacrifice the Aristocrat to force your opponent to target one of their creatures.

  6. @kezzerdrix, the problem with telling other people to boycott cube is that its stupid. If you stop thinking that modo is a program made to make you money and realize it is a game, you wont be so offended by the prize structure. Have you ever seen a movie? What did you get back for your 11 dollars?

  7. That deck was fun! Always enjoy your videos if for nothing other than your calm demeanor and assessment without hysterics or snark.

  8. I’m surprised tainter’s pact wasn’t a consideration in the pack with delta. Fun and interesting video as always! Thanks for your great content.

  9. “I played a little loose there, but I think I just need a snack.” Words of wisdom there, words of wisdom.

  10. Come on Marshall! G3R1 rainforest into tapped steam vents end of turn to have izzet charm up without losing 2 instead of waiting and you were going to go grab it anyway (would have saved you a turn at the end of G1 for damnation getting back niv-mizzet). Still awesome draft and I love watching your vids!

  11. Thanks for an awesome draft. Though it did have me screaming at the screen when you didn’t sack the aristocrat in response to him casting skinrender (as Simon also pointed out).

  12. Nooo, same thing with flickerwisp! Kill the blade splicer and he has to blink his token :)

    Not the most obvious mistakes maybe, but those would’ve been sweet plays.

  13. @Martin: Flickerwisp targets arbitrary permanents, not only creatures.

  14. it wouldn’t work with Flickerwisp, because it can blink any permanent, not just creatures.

  15. @kezzerdrix: I know you hate the EV of cube drafts (since you always like to share that opinion), but you need to take note that a lot of players that join them are paying for entertainment. An $8 draft with Magic’s most powerful cards is alluring (even more so with Power 9 is involved); not many players can easily coordinate cube drafts, and the cost in time and money to build a cube is quite high. Couple the entry fee with the ability to subsidize future drafts AND the number of hours of entertainment (usually about two and a half for a Swiss), and you should see why cube is so popular in terms of cost-to-entertainment ratio. (The movie analogy is quite apt.) If you don’t, then let us know how all of the sand tastes, because you’re sure avoiding the reality of the situation.

    (Edit: You’re right about the EV, though. It’s horrid.)

  16. Looks like Lili really put in work this time around! I was really scared he would draw boros charm in M3G3 to kill you outright but luckily for you he never did! Sad that Griselbrand never got the chance to blow open the game like he can. Great job winning another Cube draft, they’re a good way to pass the time before you can start with RtR block.

  17. R3G3, since you needed to damnation your own Graveborn Muse relatively soon, wouldn’t it have been better to untap grim monolith, then play out boilerworks (instead of playing the cloudskate)? At that point it was casting for almost negative value (you wanted him to commit creatures with the vial). The only upside I saw to playing it then was having another blocker ready in case he killed your muse.

    Maybe it’s just hindsight talking, but this would have allowed you to hardcast griselbrand instead of the sphinx, and the lifegain would have made those last few turns (potentially) less risky.

    But I suppose it didn’t matter anyways. Cube is always entertaining to watch.

  18. dunno if you read this marshall… Use bounce lands along with fetch lands, to further your land drops!

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