Limited Resources: ME4 #1

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  1. Hey
    I asked this at the chat of the previous vid but received no replay, so on the hope that I was not ignored but simply missed, I will ask again: what format do you use for your vids? if I want to record my own matches and upload them as videos for people to discuss, how do I do that? I wish to strengthen the MTG community of my country (we do not speak English here) and this seems like a fine way of doing that.
    will you be able to explain the process to me?

    thanks a lot,

  2. @Carrotus:
    Hello, usually people use Camtasia Studio for the screen recording. The program is not freeware but you can get a 30 day free trial version from their website; just google for “Camtasia Studio”. For uploading them you will either need a Youtube account as third party hoster or you need your own video server to stream the videos. You can find more details about using Camtasia on the official webpage or on Youtube. Hope that helps.

  3. @Carrotus: You can also try Camstudio ( It is free and does everything you need. There is also It is free as well and does not require you to install anything.

  4. Hey guys,

    There is an option in the game play settings that you can uncheck to play ‘Gorilla War Cry’ during attack step without creatures on the battlefield. It reads, “Skip the rest of the attack phase when no creatures attack” or something to that effect. If you uncheck that option you can play the card. You’ll probably want to recheck it immediately afterward as its time consuming to “ok” click through attack steps that don’t matter.

  5. congrats on the win! And that show was awesome, so full of cool stuff, jokes and nostalgia!

    I woulnt have passed Fireball neither, but i guess Terror was a good reason.

    That part about growing Sengir was so fun, I guess I want to play ME4 now as well, to bash people with Serra :-)

    The third match opponent’s name also was so awesome one can hardly believe it was coincidence :-)))

    Rock on guys, do another one! It is sooo much fun to watch!

  6. I really love this series. You guys do excellent limited walkthroughs. Not sure I could’ve passed fireball, but worked for y’all I guess.

  7. Still waiting for a video where you loose first round, but i think you filter these… doesn’t sound real that you win every draft you play (or should i say post) (and never get screwed)… certainly if you pick terror over fireball in a set that has this many artifacts. Post some losses, will make you more credible…

  8. Re: passing Fireball: I don’t think I’ve ever passed a Fireball in any format that I can recall, although maybe for a money/bomb rare that I don’t remember offhand. If I’d been driving I wouldn’t have passed it here either, but if Marsh likes black that much, Terror is a reasonable excuse to pass the Fireball.

    @knx: The only “filtering” done is on the two retro drafts we posted, where they are by definition hand-selected, since the drafts are already over. In the case of those two, I was in the start and middle of a sick heater where I won 5 of 6 SOM drafts, and the one loser was extremely uninteresting. I would happily do a first-round exit in a retro draft if I thought the draft and games were interesting.

    According to you, though, we record drafts together and then opt not to post them if we lose in the first round. Frankly, we don’t have time for that. We do a weekly podcast, and it’s difficult to coordinate our schedules to draft at the same time on top of that, such that we don’t really have drafts to waste. So, no, we don’t censor our drafts; we’re just awesome.

    If that doesn’t represent “credit” for you, try listening to all our episodes of Limited Resources over at and judge us by the things we have to say.

    You can also check out the publicly-viewable Google spreadsheet I maintain of all my drafts:

    If that’s not enough credit for you, you can go back and read every one of my “Waiting for Godot” articles. (Google “Waiting for Godot Magic”.)

    In other words, try judging the “credibility” of Magic content creators by the *substance of their content* instead of an incorrect conclusion you leap to based on their first-round win totals. (And for what it’s worth, we *have* posted a first-round loss; they do happen sometimes.)

    But hey, I should assume you are just a troll…set up an actual account here with a profile picture and then post; it will give you some credibility.

  9. @Joey No dude, YOU are the best! ;)

    @geodishy Ya passing a Fireball is kind of a big deal for sure. I really like instant speed removal and I really like black in this format, but I won’t lie; passing a Fireball is a pretty big deal. Wouldn’t go to trial on that one :)

    @Carrotus Thanks to Marin who answered your question. I am actually on a Mac so I use different software, but it looks like he got it all answered for you. Thanks for watching!

    @Ryan Thanks man, now that you mention it I remember that setting. I just didn’t think of it interacting with this at the time. Great tip!

    @MightyMosy Thanks dude, appreciate the comment :D

    @Gamemaster32 Thanks for the feedback. See above about Fireball :P

    @knx – I think Ryan already put it pretty clearly for you, but in case you want visual representation:

    @Kuriboh Whenever I log into modo I have a hack that specifically makes *your* shuffler give you nut draws and perfect land/spell ratios. You are that awesome my friend ;P

    - Marshall

  10. @godot, Nice troll-stomping. *Torero Tutor Stamp of Approval*

    @marshall I’m just going to reiterate whateveryone else has said. Just take the Fireball, bro.

  11. Technically, I’m not in the LR Clan. I’m just a big fan of the podcast. I’m in another clan with my fellow Something Awful goons. But I swung in with the two duders after pinging your clock because I had hoped you weren’t willing to trade.

    Also mana is something I should remember you having for next time.

  12. Is calling people a troll your best defense ? Guess you are on of those people who are used of only hearing stuff like “well done”, and when someone dares to comment you start calling them names…
    I was interested in this site but if this is the way you handle some comment…
    I might have agreed with the first part of your answer but if you start swearing, i’m out ! If this represents what this site is about…

  13. knx, and prolly also what many enough OTHERS think when watching draft-vids from LSV, Conley Woods, Ryan&Marshall , etc:

    Consider what such vids CAN and CANNOT bring of good stuff to the watchers. Such vids are not live, but recordings – some with retro-commenting. Although a skilled chess or poker player could talk abit down on MtG concerning just how genuenly good the game is in its core, MtG actually IS complicated enough for the following:

    Talk around something that worked in a draft is a good ground for constructive talk about how things CAN work and why, but much more important is the OPPOSITE: showing something that DIDNT work combined with the fact that the vid-makers are supposed to not only present smart/experienced commenting (but also show how all these smart comments tie together to fulfill a whole pattern/plan) makes it very hard for them to do just that. Because then they would pretty much have to depict every possible alternate path they did NOT go on EVERY draft-pick: THAT amounts to insane amounts of “parallel-talks”, not at all fit for single vids.

    Vid-makers pick their Vids: It is unsuitable to even start trying to figure out to what degree such vid-makers filter publications or not. About the Vids themselves; Ill just mention that LSV once —>joked<— about him/Brad Nelson throwing out anti-constructive talk about cards to the masses through the Vid/article-channel. LSV, who is one of the best vid-makers out there.

    The point is that we as watchers dont have any "right" to a 100percent insight into the www-vid-drafters skills/mind/resaults/etc. What is missing from those 100percents arent altered and thus made into "lies". If were talking missing non-published vids, overridden/edited talk-parts of a vid, etc… we are talking about LEFT-OUT parts, and Vid-Makers are certainly in their right to do so, for several reasons which ALL are good.

    My 2 cents =).

  14. @knx Dude, you questioned our credibility… Ryan and I take our reputation in this community fairly seriously. You were accusing us of only putting up drafts where we win in order to make ourselves look good. Don’t you see how offensive that can be to people who hold integrity in a high regard?

    It’s not like you offered anything constructive. “Post some losses, will make you more credible…” hardly counts as good advice, and it assumes that we are not credible in the first place.

    I don’t know if you read my response to you, but I posted a video which we put up on here where we lost at every opportunity. Ryan also shared his personal spreadsheet with you with his win/loss records in there. If this stuff wasn’t enough to convince you then nothing will be.

    You clearly are ignoring all the good points made and just focusing on the word “troll”. What would you call it?

  15. @knx:

    “Is calling people a troll your best defense?”

    No, I thought my best defense against your accusation of cherry-picking was to present the facts, then list other resources that ought to impact one’s opinion of our credibility, and finally to suggest an alternative approach to judging the legitimacy of Magic content on the web in general.

    I didn’t even call you a troll; I observed that it would probably be wise for me to assume you were a troll until presented with evidence to the contrary.

    “Guess you are on of those people who are used of only hearing stuff like ‘well done’, and when someone dares to comment you start calling them names…”

    I’m definitely used to people telling me I’m awesome–it happens a lot–but that doesn’t mean I can’t handle anything else. When someone “dares to comment” (and by “comment” you seem to mean “make baseless accusations that call into question your credibility”), I dare to respond directly to their accusations with the truth, as I did with you.

    You dismiss that response entirely because of one word in the final sentence, though, misrepresenting my use of it in the process. I didn’t use “troll” as an ad hominem attack, I used it as a clinical term to describe someone who makes a controversial comment on the internet with the goal of provoking an emotional response as opposed to engaging in meaningful debate.

    “I was interested in this site but if this is the way you handle some comment…”

    I would love for you to continue viewing the content on this site, and I encourage you to discuss that content with the providers and the other viewers in the comments. Calling into question the credibility and integrity of the creators based on false assumptions is unnecessarily crossing a line, though. You could have asked simply and politely, “Hey, you guys seem to win a lot in the first round. Do you record but not air events where you don’t make it to the second round? If so, I think you should post everything, it’s useful and interesting to see the drafts that fail as well as the ones that go well.”

    Do you see the difference between that and what you wrote? Do you see why I might be concerned that my responses here are simply feeding a troll, and not actually engaging someone with legitimate feedback?

    “I might have agreed with the first part of your answer but if you start swearing, i’m out ! If this represents what this site is about…”

    Not sure what you mean here. You might have agreed with what, exactly? Who is swearing, and why would that impact what you agree with?

  16. I see you care enough to give a lengthy response. The reason i most of the time say less then i want to say or say it in a more abrupt way is that english is not my native language; in fact, it is only my third after Dutch and French. So i lack a lot of words to express what i really mean. My general idea was that i have seen a lot of your videos (let’s say around 30) over the last year and i found it weird you never get screwed, never loose… It would be a comfort to see the professionals also draft a very good deck and then loose to manascrew or other forms of bad luck. So when i never see this happening i assumed you did not find these matches interesting enough to broadcast. Of course i could have said this in a more friendly matter, so i apologize for that.

    It would have been nice to hear that fireball was a more solid pick then terror, especially because terror – unlike doomblade – doesn’t even kill artifact creatures. I picked a lot of terrors in my med4 drafts and many times i wished they were red removal…

  17. @knx you’re a donk, bro. You were obviously trolling. They responded to all your concerns, which you ignore. I’d love to troll-slay this morning, but there’s nothing left but a troll corpse.

  18. knx: One problem with watching ‘draft a good deck and then lose to mana screw’ is that it’s not very educational. Let’s say you watch some pro with a nut draft deck keep a three-land, four-spell hand and then flood out with seven lands in their next eight cards to lose. What have you learned? ‘Hey, flooding happens?’ That’s a lesson most Magic players have all-too-well ingrained into their psyches already. There aren’t likely to be any interesting gameplay decisions, there aren’t going to be any good tips to take away. If the goal of a series like this is to educate both in drafting and limited play, then matches where the player loses to screw of one form or another are letting the reader/viewer down on half of that education.

  19. At steveS ; you’re right; but i watched the video in which they go 0-6 and now they feel more ‘real’ and it was interesting to see how this can happen to better players too (let’s say educational on a mental level)
    At torerotutor : beside the fact that i don’t understand the words ‘donk’ or ‘trolling’ your agression is not worthy of a response of my side

  20. Yeah, Marshall and Ryan are totally legit. Believe me, they have absolutely no problem talking about when they don’t do so well. i.e. Ryan’s “success” with RoE and Scars at the beginning of their seasons. They have no problem talking about failure and discussing how to deal with it. In fact, out of all the other people out there posting vids, these guys are the most legit, the most honest.

    The fact that they vigorously defend their reputation is not a problem. Here is the thing about making a baseless accusation about someone’s character without knowing the details: This is the internet. Anything you post is there pretty much forever. If you say that they don’t post their losses and they don’t defend themselves, then the majority of viewers are just going to assume that is the truth, and that comment is going to follow them around for a long time. In the internet age, you are required to defend your legitimacy and reputation vigorously, or your name will become Mudd pretty fast.

    In any case, I think that Ryan responded with reasonable arguments, pointing out different sources that show his and Marshall’s record. These guys are good drafters. They are better than many Pros at limited, (*cough* Darwin Kastle). Of course, Ryan is a Pro ;) so maybe that is why they are so awesome.

  21. Just wanted to say thanks for the videos, they’ve helped my drafting skills in both paper magic and online.

    When can we expect a video draft for MBS/SOM?

  22. @JG: Mirrodin Besieged goes online February 21st and that is the earliest you can expect an online recording. I don’t know exactly when the draft queues start firing but assume a week later.

  23. In match 1, you needed to assign at least 3 damage from the trampling giant to atog instead of going with MTGO’s default 2.

    Did your opponent play you based on the bad interface?

  24. Thanks for the draft vid Marshall. You have a very creative mind for Magic, which makes for fun situations. It’s not fun listening to Ryan complain about every interesting pick. A deck needs flavor, limited is different from constructed. Lim-Dul’s Cohort is unsexy, but perfect in a draft that you know Nightstalkers are prowling around. I get the feeling you don’t like playing any cards that haven’t made a Grand Prix decklist.