Limited Resources: Sneak Peeks of Scars of Mirrodin Sealed!

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  1. Please let me know if you are having issues viewing the videos. If you are having an issue, trying clearing your browsers cache. If that doesn’t work, please tell us what type of browser you are using and the version of the browser! Thanks!

    Also, I should have watched this before I did a Prerelease. :) I tried to build an infect deck and it was abysmal! Luckily, my sideboard black-white deck was enough for a 3-1. Fun format!

  2. Hi Chris,

    I’m having issues watching this. I naturally always refresh+cache clear.
    Also I cleared cookies (just to be sure). I’m using FF 3.6.
    At home I had no problems using Google Chrome.

  3. Firefox 3.6.10 and IE (8.0.6…. blah blah) won’t play either of these most recent two vids for me :-(

  4. Okay, we will call our host and try to figure out the technical difficulties. I guess this is one downside of not using the low quality, public hosting options! Thanks for all the feedback; all other users that have issues or successfully view the videos, your feedback would also be appreciated (browser/version and success/failure)!

  5. Hello! We are working on it. It would also help us a lot if you could go to some older videos and check if you have the same issues with those. Thanks!

  6. Looks like all the video’s that I’ve checked over the last month do not work for me on FF 3.6. They worked before, but no longer…

  7. I watched the Deadguy Ale vid on Tues with the same comp and FF 3.6.10 and now it will not play either that or these new ones. A ton of windows patches were released Tues night, I wonder if that is somehow gumming up the Firefox/IE viewing?

  8. Yup – Works on my Safari too. Shame all you other people didn’t pay $1000 more for computers that don’t run tons of programs (but DO look pretty( in anticipation of MTGO Academy having this quirk in their videos. HaHa!

  9. The videos don’t work for me in internet Explorer or Mozilla… But they work fine with google chrome
    BTW love the videos as always since i have started watching i have gotten much better at limited mtg
    In speaking of which im about to start the finals of an 8 -4 for my first time ever thanks guys :)

  10. Thanks for all the submissions and sorry for the current problem. We did not change anything on our site recently so we are investigating possible issues.
    Someone fed the Gremlins after midnight I guess.

    Also sorry Ryan and Marshall that we made the comment section of your latest work a “bug fixing” hunt.

  11. I don’t know if you guys have the bandwidth allocation for this…but maybe you could make the videos available for download for people who have issues watching them online.

  12. using google chrome/vid works for me

    love the vids LR guys!!! Good luck in the designer search!

  13. “At home I had no problems using Google Chrome.”
    “I installed Google Chrome and it works fine, but will not play on ie 8″
    “using safari…works just fine. go Mac!”
    “The videos don’t work for me in internet Explorer or Mozilla… But they work fine with google chrome”
    “using google chrome/vid works for me”
    “Didn’t work on Mozilla 3.6.10. Worked just fine when I downloaded Google Chrome.”

    @Google and Steve Jobs: if you are reading this we expect the check for promoting your software by end of next week on our account.

    @ChrisKool: please make sure that the current state is “sold” as bug so we can make more users switch to Chrome and Macintosh computers. Do not leak this internal memo to the public. Bye! ;-)

  14. I suppose you guys know this by now, having had some time to play out more sealed pools during the SOM online prerelease, but your land count is too high in all 3 of these decks. Also, don’t ever cut on-color spellbombs in any deck with metalcraft interactions.

  15. Now that I can finally view this: Awesome work guys. This is a great process. Hopefully next time around this won’t be marred by video issues, but thanks again for putting in the work.

  16. For the final build, I would be tempted to cut white and try blue. The blue has a similar amount of evasion, and I think Kemba is mediocre. .. The Centarch dies so easily, though. Perilous Myr, Necropede and the Contagion proliferate machines are everywhere!

  17. It’s a shame that this site doesn’t work anymore. I really enjoyed these videos. Are any of the contributors to this site going to be posting any videos anywhere else that are viewable?

  18. @Erik No worries, the videos WILL work for all browsers and systems again. It just takes some time to figure out the nasty bugs that entered the system due to some updates on the browser side. Meanwhile feel free to read our articles or use the Google Chrome browser to view the vids. You can also simply download them for free and watch them in the mp4 format any time without issues.

  19. Oh that’s cool! Excuse my ineptitude, how exactly do you download the Limited Resources videos?

  20. Brilliant idea! I wish I had seen this a week ago! I’m surprised you didn’t mention on your podcasts. O’well. I’ve seen it now. Love it!